Sunday, June 15, 2008


We are in Germany! Our flight was really nice (about as nice as a red-eye in coach can be anyway. :) We were served snacks, dinner, and breakfast and got to watch movies and tv shows on our own tvs. We fly fairly often but mostly domestically so this was a treat for us. Even when we have flown in first class we have not had our own tvs to choose what to watch. The restrooms were downstairs from the main seating level. Can you tell we are easily amused? They were a little larger and cleaner than most. I would highly recommend Lufthansa.

Our flight left about an hour late because some door wouldn't close properly and some weight had to be redistributed. (?) So we sat on the plane an hour longer than we would have otherwise. We still have a nice long layover here and plan to get out and see the city of Munich in a little while. Our flight to Kiev doesn't leave until this evening. We had made reservations at one of the airport lounges for this afternoon but we decided to come early since we felt tired and a little dirty from the flight. So we have had some snacks and Kevin's checked his fantasy baseball scores and the news. We are going to take showers and get into clean clothes and then probably take a bus tour of the city. The airport lounge is nice. Some random observations:

-Everyone who works here speaks very fluent English (we talked to a bunch of people because the lounge was in another terminal). All the signs are in German and English as well.

- The Fanta (orange) Kevin got from the soda fountain is yellow here, not orange. He said it tastes similar.

- They have Manzana (Mexican apple flavored soda, yummy!) but it tastes more like soda water and apple juice. Melissa, you would have been disappointed.

- There is a nice spread of cheese, crackers, and chocolates - so we are in heaven. I even tried a sausage for my brother-in-law, Kevin. :)

- Also when I went to sign into Blogspot to post this the page came up in German. It asked for my nutzername and passwort. :D

We haven't taken any very exciting pictures yet so there are none worth posting. Maybe later.

We will check back in when we have time and internet access.
:) Krista and Kevin

P.S. Happy Father's Day to both of our dads! :)

Last year we spent Father's Day flying to Hawaii. This is our second Father's Day in a row spent traveling and in airports! Where will we go next year? I think Kevin already booked Disney World tentatively. It may have been for this week.


mayatk said...

Kevin liked the you were brave enough to try the sausage of the motherland - good job!

Melissa said...

Glad you made it to your first stop!

Diana said...

Lufthansa is a wonderful airline. I'm glad you had a good flight.

And I'm highly amused by "nutzername." *giggle*

Jenny said...

I can't believe you are almost there! You might be finishing up your adoption when we arrive in Kiev next month. Woohoo!

cschelb said...

Glad you made it safely to Germany and your post gave me several chuckles. Can't wait to hear of the next adventure.

Dan & Michelle said...

Your DH is a fantasy sports guy too!! Dan does the fantasy baseball since the fantasy NASCAR was a disappointment this yr (apparently some changes were made) but he is still doing that too. To my understanding, Dan is getting ready for fantasy football season but knows very little about football. When he is checking the scores I say he is on fantasy island :)