Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sophie's Fall Performance

Seems like every couple months we have a school seasonal performance. Fall was the third graders and Sophie and her class treated us to a night of poetry and autumn songs.

Sophie in her fall colors.

Tate and Kevin stayed home this time. Tate was having a rough day.

Sweet sisters.

They always have the cutest seasonal artwork made by the kids.

Of the 6 houses on our cul-du-sac, 4 have third grade girls!

The other girls all look like sisters!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I deleted several comments without replying to them or even reading a couple of them! So sorry to whoever they were all from. :(

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fall Highlights

Well I started this post about a month ago and then nothing! Let me see here...

Since it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I promised to blog at least sometimes I thought I better to a fall photo dump!

Let me see if I can sum up all the things that might have been little fall posts in about 10 pictures.

Tate came home from kindergarten with a shiner. It wasn't from a punch though, just a dramatic fall on the playground climbing wall. Just as it healed he pretty much did it again. He has a scar there too. Poor kid!

Sophie got her splits. She had been working at them for quite some time and one day she came home from dance and announced she could do them! She was so pleased with herself and I was so proud of her for working towards her goal.

The girls started up dance again. This time 4 classes each. 2 classes they are in together, ballet and acro. Jazz/hip hop and tap are done by age so they aren't together. This mama was smart and lucky and they are in classes that are at the same time though with a friend from around the block so we carpool. It's great!

The boys both played soccer this fall. They enjoyed it, though Tate liked the "snacks" better than the game. Gotta love little boys!

We spent lots of cold Saturday mornings at the soccer fields. Thank goodness the Y is right next to Dunkin' Donuts!

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Melissa came for a visit, but I don't have any pictures worth posting from the trip. :( What's up with that?

We made a couple more trips to the lake.

The kids played and acted like their normal fun-loving and silly selves! (I don't post much about their normal day to day, just major events. But mostly they just have a ball together and are the best of friends.)

Sophie started to write pen pal letters to my good childhood friend's daughter, Sofia, who is also in third grade. So fun!

We walked to school most mornings, until it started to get too cold for us wimps!

Sophie went to her friend's Harry Potter birthday costume party dressed as a perfect Luna Lovegood.

Cocoa season started!

And the dreaming of Christmas gifts began... (That is an American Girl catalog, by the way.)