Monday, February 23, 2009

Would You Think I Was a Bad Mom?

Would you think I was a bad mom if you knew that I put off Tate's bedtime routine for so long that I went in to find this?

What if you knew that the exact same thing happened the next night?

Does it make things better or worse that both times he was "reading" himself the Jesus Storytime Bible? Who can fall asleep during the Christmas story?

Should I not have taken photographs as evidence of my motherhood crime? Should I not have called Kevin in to see both times? Should I not have told the girls to get out of bed and look? They thought it was hilarious! Tate cracks up when he sees the pictures too, so maybe no long term damage was done. ;)

Sweetest Song I've Ever Heard

I am downstairs working on uploading pictures I've taken lately and putting together a video of our Disney World trip. (Don't worry Kev, I'm on my third load of laundry, I've made the bed, deep cleaned in the girls' room, put away the folded laundry, and stripped some beds to wash the sheets later... and it's only 9! ;) ) Anyway, I'm sitting down here and Tate is playing upstairs on the landing singing sweetly to himself. This is the song I hear:

We so happy.
Papa and Mama and Tate
We so happy. Yay!
Tate and Vivi (Lily) and Sophie and Dulian (Julian).
Cause we at our dom and nyet at detsky dom.
We so happy. Yay! We so happy. Yay!
Papa 'zat work. Our kids are at school.
We so happy. Yay! (x35)

What a little sweetie, huh?

Along the same lines he told me the cutest thing last week and I wrote it down because I just love the way he says things. We were playing on my bedroom floor and I scooped him up and was talking to him.

I said: Tate, I'm so glad you live at our house now and not at detsky dom anymore.
Tate: Yeah. 'Specially cause I had no mama and I need a mama for me.

He is a charmer, that little guy.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was just working on uploading pictures and watching some HGTV when the light rain turned into a big thundershower. I unplugged the laptop and decided there was no point in trying to go to bed just yet. Yep, I just saw Julian make a quick dash from his bedroom to ours!

I am hoping to spend the next few days updating the blog. Today was Sophie's birthday so I have that and tons of other pictures to post. Stay tuned!

Disney World Weekend Part 1

We surprised our kids (and ourselves, really) and planned a last minute trip for a long weekend in Orlando. We have a bigger trip planned in June for 13 of us. We weren't sure if that would be a bit overwhelming for the kids(or ourselves) so we decided to make our first trip as just a family and see how the kids did. True to form they did great. We stayed at Magic Kingdom from the opening ceremony to the closing song. They tackled any ride they were tall enough for and walked all over the park without complaining. They were even troopers in the car.

We're off!

First we dropped Keaton off at the dog hotel. He got a little nervous and peed on my leg right when I was dropping him off. I changed at the next gas station. I had dressed everyone in comfortable clothes for the day in the car and I ended up in jeans instead of my velour pants. :( Don't really know why I felt the need to add that into the blog, but I was looking at the pictures and the memory came back to me.

I filled their backpacks with some of their car friendly toys and coloring pads, sticker books, etc. while they were sleeping the night before.

They slept on and off a bit.

We had lunch in the car and then later stopped at a McDonald's in Georgia to let the kids run around on the playground and use the restroom. Then I broke out the clipboards filled with surprises to keep them occupied on the rest of the trip. Kept them busy all the way home too!