Friday, June 27, 2008

More About Our Kids

Alina adores kitties. There are several strays that have become orphanage pets. We have seen bowls of food that someone leaves out for them in the courtyard. The other day it had a broth soup with potatoes, pasta, and a few vegetables in it. Alina’s favorite orphanage cat is a cat named Leeza. Leeza has got to be the most tolerant cat I have ever seen. She is a really soft, gorgeous young cat who has already had a litter of kittens. Alina picks her up and holds her like a baby. She rubs her head and under her chin. Alina sings and makes Leeza dance on her hind legs. Leeza never even hisses. Sweet kitty. I told Kevin there may be a cat in our future. Neither one of us loves cats as much as Alina does, but this little girl may be able to convince her dad to get one for her someday.

Edik will be away at the Black Sea for almost two more weeks. We wish we could have spent more time with him. We have watched the videos we made when we visited him over and over. The other three love to see their brother playing with Papa on the video camera. We can’t wait to get the four of them back together. They are very close siblings who share a special bond.

Ilona is a very happy little girl. Her sweet smile (with missing front teeth) lights up the room. When she laughs her deep belly laugh you can’t help but start laughing too. She loves to play with us and her favorite game is when her papa turns her upside down. She lays down and puts her feet in the air and says “clease.” (This is how Ilona says please in English.) She is possibly as stubborn as her mama (uh-oh) she knows what she wants and doesn’t want. She loves to do puzzles and play outside on the playground. She can whine like a pro. She gets this pathetic look on her face and starts to wimper. Sometimes she even laughs at herself. She is going to be learning very soon that this behavior will get her nowhere with her mama and papa. Poor little thing is going to have several dentist visits in her near future. Many of her baby teeth are filled with cavities. ☹ I hope they aren’t hurting her.

How funny is her little hat? It has holes on each side to put her pigtails through!

Ilona gets two pictures this time because I thought this one was cute too. The blue stuff on her legs is ointment or something they put on all the kids for scrapes and cuts. Ilona and Igor are always covered in it because they always have scabby knees and elbows from playing so hard! :)

Igor is such a sweet little guy. He and Ilona are very close. He is fun, energetic, and a little bit mischievous (in a silly way). I think there are some gymnastics or soccer lessons in his near future. Both he and Ilona love to be picked up and carried. They both just giggle with delight when they are held. He is a little daredevil. If any of our kids breaks a bone or needs stitches, it is likely going to be him. Hopefully we will be able to prevent that though.

Our posts shouldn’t be so few and far between now. The next week or so we will have lots of free time. Hope all is well with all of you. We really appreciate all your sweet notes and emails. It is good to hear what is going on with all of you, even the mundane things.
Love from Lugansk,
Krista and Kevin


adoptedthree said...

The pictures are darling! You will have so much fun!

Kevin and Tammy said...

Thanks for the post. It is great to hear all the twists and turns. Hopefully we will not have a lot of that running around. Never know though. They are beautiful children. I know you can't wait to get them home and start your new life together.

Christine said...

Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading it all. We are in a neighboring regi9on-- Donestsk. Do you have courtdate scheduled yet? Just wondering.

Owens Family Blog said...

Wow this is great.. I feel like I am getting to know them.. .love this blog stuff!! Funny about the cats.... Lots of love, A/R and the gang

Brandon said...

Brandon and I love the picture of Alina with the cat. Brandon has a ton of pictures of him holding his dog like a person. I also love Ilona's hat! Too cute. Keep the pictures coming, we love them.

Kelly and Joe Broesamle said...

These kids look like they could be part of our family.. crazy... and we will be putting clothes together to send you.. please let me know when you get home!

miss you

Kevin and Stephanie said...

Kevin & Krista
It's the Reeds again, I just wanted to comment on alot of similarities we have according to some of your postings here about your journey. We totally had our guest bed scattered with things we didn't want to forget for 2 weeks before we left on June 2nd lol.We didn't buy anything either, not knowing the child we were meant for.:)We prayed that we would just know at our SDA the right child, children.:)We have so many pics with Leira's legs,arms & face with Green like paint from where she falls alot since she doesn't walk well. I can't wait to tell you more in person again. with love Kevin & Stephanie Reed