Friday, June 13, 2008


What is appropriate summer attire for men? I have several nice but comfortable things I can wear but I am wondering about Kevin. For our everyday orphanage visits are cargo shorts okay? Maybe a little nicer shorts? No shorts at all? I think he might melt.


The Hinshaws said...

I would think orphanage visits are ok - but don't really know from experience (too cold for shorts in March!). Just not the first couple of visits. That's when they are really watching you to be sure you are a "good fit". After that, we never saw anyone but caregivers and the random nurse that let us in. Hopefully you will get more advice on the subject... :)

(hey, since you're private now, can I post a request to take off the security word that you have to type to comment? You might get more comments without the extra step...just a suggestion! ;-)

Kevin and Krista said...

Okay, thanks. That is helpful. I have a polo shirt and I will add a pair of khakis for him. I think his SDA/court clothes would be a bit much for the orphanage visits. Thanks for your reply!

:) Krista