Wednesday, June 11, 2008

School's Out!

Yesterday was the last day of school and today was my last day of work. I am going to miss my sweet class and the wonderful staff at the school where I was working. Now I am running errands, cleaning, and starting to pack. I have set things we will want to bring with us on the guest bed for weeks now. So we have lots of "things" ready to be packed, but I still need to finish up the laundry and pack our clothes.

We bought our travel insurance, I picked up a few months worth of my prescription (just in case), and my doctor is giving us some other prescriptions we may need if we get a bug there. Our wonderful neighbors threw us a BBQ last Sunday (in the 97 + humidity weather) and that was so fun. We have all young families on our cul-du-sac and our kids are going to have so many friends. The little girl across the street from us who just finished first grade has been teaching herself some Russian greetings so she can talk to our kids when they come home. Her mom said she Googled them herself and learned them. How cute is that?

I ordered a picture book that I made on Shutterfly and it arrived yesterday. I can't say enough wonderful things about them. It was fun (though it took me a long time) to make, they have so many great choices, and it is gorgeous. I sent it late Sunday night (really it was early Monday morning). I paid for overnight shipping so it was guaranteed to arrive Friday. I came home from work yesterday at it was on the porch! It took only about a day to arrive. I couldn't believe it. The book has pictures of us, our families, friends, neighbors, our dog, etc. I included pictures of our home, the rooms for the kids, our city and community, etc. It turned out really nicely. It will be a way to show the officials in Ukraine where our children will be living and it will also be a way to familiarize our kids with their new family, friends, and home. Hopefully they will feel more comfortable having seen these things before.

Anyway, in the next day or two I will likely make the blog private. We will be back as soon as we can though. We just want to be able to use it as a place to communicate with family and friends in a more private way for a while. I just need to find some time to make that happen. :)

Hope you are having a great week!


April said...

Yay! It is so exciting that work is over & now you can get all packed! You are on the brink of an amazing adventure. Try to enjoy yourself and just go with the flow like the Ukrainians. You are going to love it! Best of luck!!!

Christine said...

Hi Krista,

What day are you traveling and when is you appt. I would really like to get together if you are open. just let me know. We leave on June 21 and our SDA appt is on June 24.

Owens Family Blog said...

Just wanted to say again to have a safe trip, We are so excited for the two of you. Thanks for the blog, it is fun to read everything that is going on.


The Hinshaws said...

Yeay! It's getting so close. You will be in my prayers - for safe travel, and for wide-open doors in Ukraine that lead to your children. May the Lord go before you, paving every way and making it straight.