Monday, June 30, 2008


I don't think I have mentioned that we have court tomorrow and again on Thursday. I guess the judge is busy on Thursday so we have a preliminary hearing tomorrow to probably go over all the paperwork and then hopefully Thursday will be a quick decision. Please pray that all goes well with the judge and that he sees us fit to raise these four children. The two court appointments is not the norm and so we aren't exactly sure what to expect.

Also, several people are asking here and in email about the language. The kids are picking things up in English every day. We are picking up a tiny bit of Russian as well. We get along just fine with the kids. We all use charades and pointing to communicate. Alina and I have even started drawing pictures when nothing else worked. For the most part we are communicating just fine. It is more difficult with adults. :)


Kevin and Tammy said...

That is very encouraging to hear about the language. I think that is what I fear the most.


Christine said...

Interesting about the two days at court. We were supposed to have court today but it got postponed till Thrusday. Please let us know how things went today.

Dan & Michelle said...

Interesting about the preliminary court hearing. This is the second time I heard of this, the other was just a few months ago with other friends. I never heard of such a thing before then.

I'm not sure if you posted where you are (I will have to go back and check) but according to their blog they were in Stankanoff (??)

We will pray all will go well with your court hearings!

Kevin and Stephanie said...

I'm sure your court will go fine. It does make you nervous. I was truly thinking of you guys for tuesday since we met at the embassy. This maybe all for now from us hopefully we can wrap up here its almost been 10 days and head back to kiev for finalizing. I don't know if we'll have access to internet easy, I'll be in touch back home. :)