Sunday, June 29, 2008

Playing with the Kids

We are allowed to visit the kids twice a day. We are allowed to come any time from 10 in the morning until about 12 or 12:30 and then again after 4. We usually stay for a couple hours then as well.

The orphanage seems to be a very nice one and they are very accommodating when we come. When we play with the children inside we use a big playroom. It is a therapy room so it is full of fun large motor toys for the kids. There are bars to climb, a big tunnel they love to play in, hula hoops. a slide, a small ball pit, pianos, and other toys.

We really like playing outside too. The playground is where the children usually are at the times when we visit so we often pick them up out there. The weather has been so nice so we like to play under some of the shady trees. The kids pick berries and apples from the trees, play on the playground, and love to play with our camera and video camera. They have already mastered using them for the most part. Alina knows the video camera better than we do. She loves the videos of Keaton (our dog) that are on there and she even kissed him on the screen. So cute. We always bring them some healthy snacks and they love to picnic outside with us. They always share with us and try to feed us their juices (like nectars) and snacks.

A couple days ago when we took these pictures Ilona was with her groupa at the park. So we got to play with our oldest and youngest alone. :)

We brought some food for Alina to give the kitties. They are apparently both named Leeza, by the way.

Family picnic, minus two kids.

They don't have many toys and they play with whatever they have around. They have wonderful imaginations. Alina is using the back of a dump truck toy as a bowl and making "soup" with berries and leaves.

Picking berries

Reading "Russian at a Glance"

Little guy loves his juice! He drinks it and then shakes it next to his ear to hear if there is any left in there. Then he tries to take his sisters' juice if they leave it sitting around.


Kevin and Tammy said...

Great family time. I know you are enjoying them so much. They are beautiful children. thanks for the post.

David & Monica said...

What fun! I am so happy for you all:-) And thrilled that the weather is so conducive to such fun outtings. They are such an adorable group!!!! We hope you have a safe trip home and an easy transition to their new home.

Kevin and Stephanie said...

The whole country must have all the orphanages on this schedule. We have a 35-45 min cab ride to the orphanage and usually go between 4-6, the mornings would turn into 10:30 or 11:00- 12 so we had to sacrifice because they would sometimes be accomodating sometimes not. We're jealous of your playground and grass, we have concrete and ashphalt! lol. not very conducive to a toddler trying to walk, we make the best of it:)The whole country must have stray kitties around the orphanages to hehe, that's some of our favorite times to,playing with them.

Kelly and Joe Broesamle said...

they are super cute... wow God is faithful!

miss you guys

Melissa said...

You guys are already building some great family memories. Love the different hats the kids wear!!

Lelah said...

It looks like you are having a great time with the kids. I am so glad you get to have picnics and play together. We couldn't be happier for you! I can't wait to see how they react to Keaton, he is going to get a ton of love!!

Christine said...

So great to read about all of you happenings. DO you have a courtdate yet? Ours was supposed to tomorrow but now has been postponed until Thursday. :(

Monita said...

Great work.