Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Day

Brr! We had a chilly New Year's Day in North Carolina. Cold for us, anyway. We spent our day lounging around in pajamas, eating a special breakfast and dinner, and snacking on appetizers in between. The guys watched their final Star Wars movie and the girls watched "Felicity: An American Girl Movie." I did a ton of laundry as well. The kids played with toys and cleaned up their bedrooms and bathrooms as well.

In the late afternoon we braved the cold and practiced riding their new bikes. Kevin's parents gave them the bikes for Christmas and they have been getting better at riding them with almost daily practice. All the bikes are a little bit big for the kids which makes learning a little more difficult. They love it though!

After evening baths we let them eat a little of their gingerbread houses and then we watched the Rose Parade. They really enjoyed their first Rose Parade and thought the flowers on the floats were so cool. Kevin's grandparents lived right off of the parade route (where Kevin's dad grew up) until just a couple years ago. We spent our fair share of nights sleeping outside and watching the parade up close. One year it was windy and miserable and we ended up watching the parade back home after spending a sleepless night outside! Anyway, the kids made us native Southern Californians proud and enjoyed it thoroughly!

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Anonymous said...

hey you -

Galatia got an american doll too. Felicity and her horse. and caryn took her to the factory in LA.

So i saw your christmas card at my moms house... it was cute... and then the other pictures at the H's house... they are looking super cute... when i send my love and maybe someday you would like to talk.... on the webcam or phone just let me know.. cause we miss you..

loves the B's