Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 33rd Birthday, Pop!

Today was Kevin's 33rd birthday. We celebrated with his family before they left this week but we didn't want the actual day to be overlooked either, so we celebrated as a family today.

First we bought a balloon bouquet,

then we went to Pop's work.

We surprised him while he was sitting in his office having some soup at his computer. He wasn't feeling well so it was an especially nice surprise. He said later it took him a second to figure out that the person standing in his doorway who looked like his wife actually was his wife. I have never showed up at his office unannounced. :D

The kids decorated this fantastic looking cake! Chocolate and chocolate, just he way Papa likes it.

Hope your 33rd year is as wonderful as your 32nd was!


Maya said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!!

Tami said...

Happy Birthday!!!!