Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Cold Weekend

We have had some very cold weather lately. All last week was pretty cold and the kids spent very little time playing outside, like usual. We tried to come up with some fun activities to keep us happy and busy this weekend.

On Saturday I took the girls to see "Hotel for Dogs." I thought it was pretty silly, but cute. My dog-loving daughters thought it was the best movie ever.

Has anyone else noticed that there is a huge majority of children's movies that are about orphans? Kevin and I have noticed it lately. We don't really have the kids watch TV at all but we love watching movies and I think at least 10 of the movies we have watched have an orphan as part of the story line.

Sunday night they slept upstairs in the tent we gave Kevin for Christmas.

On Monday we brought a picnic lunch out to the lake to eat at Kevin's parent's property. We had lunch on the dock since they were working on the house and then we checked out the progress of the construction. Cold, but fun!

And today was a snow day! More pictures coming soon!


The Monroe 6 said...

I think I might have mentioned it before, but your sweet little Lily grace reminds me of my sweet little Banana. Especially in the picture of her in her big ole coat.
What is her personality like? (just wondering if their alike in that way too I guess)

A house on a lake.....nice!!!! That will be so much fun for the kids when it is warm. (Ya'll too)

I got your comment about the rain boots. What are the chances of that????

I wish you lived next door! :)

auntie maya said...

Bill & Charlotte's house will be sooo nice! What fun.

You are fun parents to do all these things to stay busy & in the fresh air.

Melissa said...

The Librarian says, "Besides movies, lots of children's books (some of the most popular) are about orphans too."

Definitely looks cold there. Much different than CA where I'm sitting here in a tank top and shorts on with the windows open.