Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow Day!

A couple weeks ago we got a fun winter surprise! No school for these kiddos, not with our inch or two of snow. Because snow is so rare here everything basically shuts down for just an inch or two.

I was the mean mom who made my kids walk around the snow and stand in front of the house until we got a decent picture before I let them run through it. I knew it wouldn't look so pretty once they had enjoyed it. I was right. The house looked so pretty with a blanket of snow on it. It would have made a nice Christmas card.

Of course Misha had to join us. Good thing Aunt Maya made him that scarf for Christmas!

Keaton had as much fun as his brothers and sisters. We actually had to take him in the house to defrost twice because he got huge buildups of ice on his paws and could hardly walk. He played like a puppy though.

This was the beginning of Sophie's snowman. Keaton ate him later that afternoon.

Julian in action. He was throwing a snowball.

Misha makes a snow angel.

Lily still manages to look adorable in the freezing cold.

She is so proud of her snow angel.

The birdhouse would have looked even more perfect if only a little red bird would have been perched on it.

We sled on our hill all year round. This was the first time any snow was involved though. All our neighbor kids and kids we had never even seen gathered in our backyard because we have the best hill. I loved having so many giggling kids in the backyard.


After. The after actually makes me smile more than the before.

More snow fun:

Around noon we went in to warm up. Hot soup, "snow angel" sandwiches, and homemade chocolate chip cookies did the trick. The kids watched a movie while their clothes were in the dryer and they were back out to play with what was left of the snow in the afternoon.


The Monroe 6 said...

Will you be my mom?
So much fun!!!

Kevin and Krista said...

Amy, you are too funny. I will be your mom if you take me to the cool market to shop next year. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the kids holding hands around the table...they are so cute. And look alike and like you guys (are they all biological?). I would be the mean mommy too and make the not play in the snow until I got the pretty picture:0)


Kevin and Krista said...


They are all biological siblings. The fact that they look like us is just a fun coincidence.

They are all holding hands to pray. :) They are so sweet and love to say thank you for everything, big and little. So sweet!

:) Krista

kara said...


It isn't by accident that the kids look like you and Kevin. My 2 nieces and 1 nephew who are adopted look like their parents (my sisters and their husbands) AND all the cousins (my 2 biological ones and the 3 adopted ones) all look a great deal alike. In fact when they were all babies they looked alike to the degree that baby pictures can be mixed up as to which kid is which. Its a total God thing!

I figured they were praying and they just look so sweet:0) We love prayer time at our house too! McKenna is now holding hands at 14 months!!

Love to you all,