Friday, January 2, 2009

Adopting in Donetsk?

I just moderated a comment of someone who said they would love for me to email them because they had some questions. They are adopting in Donetsk. Please leave me another comment on this post. I posted your comment but then realized you didn't write the comment on one of my most recent posts and now I can't find your email address. Sorry!

:) Krista


Marielle said...

Dear Krista,

Thank you very much for your interest, my email is
I hope we can get in touch soon to exchange experiences about adoption in Ukraine, I am especially interested in your experience with one of the children being in separate orphanages wince that is also our case.

Thanks again,


Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

I watched your you tube video again, and have been teary eyed all over again!
When you oldest girl says,
Oh mamma such a lot of pretty presents, I just lose it"
They are all just delicious.
I am so happy for your family!
You are all so blessed!