Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Oh boy, did I get behind on my blogging. On Wednesday we started talking about taking our first family trip for the weekend, meaning two days later! On Thursday we confirmed that we would leave the following day and drive down to Orlando for a long weekend. How's that for last minute? The kids had a four day weekend (well, they ended up having a snow day makeup on Friday) and we wanted to take advantage of their time off and have some together time.

We didn't tell the kids. We put them to bed early like any other school night on Thursday night, woke them up in the morning at the same time as usual, and sat them down to breakfast. We asked them if they wanted to go to school or if they would rather go to "Mickey Mouse's doma." You can guess what they replied and after we finished getting ready, we dropped Keaton at the "dog hotel," and we were on our way. After we arrived we had dinner at IHOP. Ha, ha. We told the kids how special it was to have breakfast for dinner.

The next day, which was coincidently the 6 month anniversary of the kids being home, we went to Magic Kingdom. It wasn't very crowded, the weather was perfect, and we stayed from opening to closing! Let me tell you what troopers our kids are! No complaining on our 9 hour trip down to Florida, slept crammed in a bed together, and walked all over Magic Kingdom. They rode anything they were tall enough to ride too. Tate, who cried when we put him on a swing 6 months ago, and had never really left his detsky dom, rode Splash Mountain and the Haunted Mansion with a twinkle in his eye. He is one changed kid.

I will try to post a six month update sometime soon. The kids are just constantly amazing us with their growth, progress, willingness to go with the flow, and zest for life. Lots of answered prayers in this family. We feel so blessed and thank God for all the gifts in our lives daily.


Anonymous said...

What fun! I'm glad the kids loved it! Could you post a few pictures of your trip? (I know you're really busy though).

- Ryan in Monroe

Kevin & Pam said...

Wasn't it just the best to see how they enjoyed the park. Perfect ages! Justin was amazed and loved every minute of it too. He keeps asking when we can go back. We got passes so we will go again soon.

Kevin and Krista said...


Of course I will post pictures! I am just not sure when I will have time to do that. Looking forward to our trip in June! It is only about 5 months away.

:) Krista

Kim Abraham said...

It's the last minute, unexpected surprise trips that seem to always be the best! We love Disney and can't wait to go back again.

The Monroe 6 said...

What cool parents ya'll are!!!
(of course u have cool kids too...I mean NO complaining?)
Krista, your blog makes me happy!
Ya'll are such a cute family!
By the way, I will NEVER complain about the "samples" after hearing your story! lol

findingourdaughter said...

Reading about your family seriously warms my heart!
It is so great to see how wonderful these children are doing and what a blessing they are!
God Bless,
Angie in FL

Lainie said...

Krista, love reading your & Amy's blogs. You 2 are both such inspirations to me. We have 2 bio children & are waiting on a court date for our 2 children in Russia. Then I will be a mom of 4. I can't wait, reading both your and Amy's blog is such fun. We live near Orlando in Tampa & we can't wait to take our new additions to Disney!! Lainie

Kevin and Krista said...

Angie and Lainie,

Thank you for your sweet comments. We are enjoying being a family very much. It isn't easy keeping up the blog but it is one of the ways our family and friends that live across the country stay connected with us. I also hope that it helps give some encouragement to people who are in the earlier stages of adoption, thinking about adopting, fellow adoptive parents, and those who just are almost there!

Reading blogs of other Christian families in and through the international adoption process was one of my main sources of information, inspiration, and encouragement.

Thanks for writing!
:) Krista

Kara said...

Kev and Krista,

How fun to take the kids to Disney! Its an awesome place and I know it was magical for you all! Next time you'll have to stay longer. I'd like to see pics to but can't complain since I've got none of our recent trip there last month with our kids on FB. Its tough and I've only got 2! I haven't read much of your blog but love what I have read. I'm so glad you guys were able to have these children and them you!
Love ya,