Monday, September 21, 2009


Every labor day weekend there is a carnival downtown.

We decided to go on Friday night to kick off our long weekend.

Being near Lowe's Motor Speedway there are always race cars at these kind of events.

This time there was a pig car too.

Of course we sampled the fair fare for dinner. Footlong corndogs for the boys.

A smoked turkey leg for the girls. I had a delicious Greek chicken salad and Kevin had a cheesesteak.

And being in the South apparently means people like Hillbilly Bob will be at the carnival selling homemade soda in tin cans. Gotta love the South! Isn't he cute in his overalls?

We all drank our weight in fresh lemonade. Yum!

And the kids road a couple rides.

We had some ice cream before calling it a night. We were so lucky this year to have beautiful weather for Labor Day weekend. Usually it is almost unbearably hot and humid. I think this is the first time I really enjoyed the carnival without melting.


Brooke said...

I always love Sophie's uber animated expressions in photos! Looks like they all had a great time! So brave to go on that whirling ride!

Kevin and Krista said...

Brooke, I accidentally published the post early and you caught me! I was still ordering the pictures and typing. :) Yes, that is Sophie! Dramatic as a 9 year old girl should be. ;)

Brooke said...

Oops, thats what being bored at work/constantly hitting refresh on will do for me LOL!
It was nice to see some captions now :) The homemade soda man is a hoot!

Brooke said...

We are hosting a 9 year old from Odessa for 3 weeks over Christmas! Any tips? Books/movies I could get for her? A big question I have is maturity- would a 9 year old orphan from Ukraine be that of a typical 9 year old American? I want to start ordering xmas gifts, but have no clue. Also, size- would you say they would be smaller than an average american 9 year old? Help! LOL
I hope all is well with your family- We miss your posts, but Im sure youre busy busy busy! (remove all of the .'s)