Friday, September 18, 2009

The Second First Day of School

That Friday Tate finally got to start school too. He had been walking to school all week and finally got to stay!

One of our stories the night before. Can you see how excited this little guy is?

His first lunch, packed and ready.

Picked out his own outfit.

Tate was around the school all year last year. His speech therapy was there and he was coming to class parties and helping me in the classrooms with things. It made for a very easy transition this year. Tate stopped in front of the school to talk to the principal. They have been anticipating Tate's start in kindergarten since last year. Our kids are well known around the school and Tate was very welcomed there. He is a really sweet and funny kid and all the teachers and staff love talking to him. He was feeling the love and asked me to take his picture with the principal. :)

See that little guy marching down the hall in front of everyone? That's Tate! The same kid who 4 months ago sobbed at the thought of anything out of his normal routine marched ahead of our whole family (including Kevin's parents) and called out, "C'mon guys! Follow me!" So happy for him with this new found confidence. Made it easier on everyone. Lily's class is a few up the hall from him so we had practiced walking to his class all week when we took her in.

Pausing for one last picture before the big moment. :)

After his first day of school. He had a great day. His paper ribbon says, "I survived my first day of kindergarten!" So cute. He also brought a paper home that said his favorite part of the day was "playing outside." No surprises there. He made an adorable painted turtle out of a large stone too. Tate is lucky because his teacher used to be the art teacher a few years back and she loves to incorporate art and cooking into her lessons. Makes kindergarten so much fun!

A few other picture from the first week of school. These were from the 3 older kids 2nd day.


Randi said...

Oh, I just love it! Every time I see pictures of your kids, I just can't believe how incredibly happy and comfortable they look. They have just blossomed with you and Kevin.

I'm so glad the Tater Tot enjoyed his first day of school!

Brooke said...

Too cute! He looks a lot like Sophie in the first picture! Congrats on #4 heading to school! What do you do with your days now?!

Kevin and Krista said...

Brooke, I will have to write a post about what I do with my days now. Ha, ha.

I agree, Sophie and Tate look a lot alike, as do Julian and Lily. Sophie and Tate have the same fingers and toes and pale skin and tons of precious freckles! Julian and Lily have same sunkissed summer skin, light, tiny freckles on their noses and cheeks, and teeth (lots of fabulous space on the top for the big teeth growing in and no place for new teeth to go on the bottom ;)

Kevin and Krista said...

Thanks, Randi. We all feel very blessed here. The sweetest thing is when one of the kids tells us how much they love being here and how sad they were to live in the detsky dom with no mama and papa. They know the other side, so they are able to truly appreciate some of the little things in life most kids don't think twice about - stopping for a milkshake, having a cuddle in a rocking chair, a mom to drop them off at ballet class, and just being together on a weekend night. How sweet is that?

Amy said...

Are you trying to make me cry Krista????
Shame on you. :)
Lily Grace looks so much like my Savannah. LOVE her frilly skirt.

Kevin and Krista said...

Amy, no I wasn't. But so proud of this kid. I can brag on all the accomplishment all these kids have made in the last year, but Tate has definitely come the farthest. He had the most catching up to do! He turned 5 the day we left America to head to Ukraine. The boy we met was emotionally and physically much younger though. Can't believe the strides this little guy has made, all with a literal sparkle in his eyes and skip in his step. He is a little charmer. I believe that these kids can appreciate life in a way that other kids don't understand because unfortunately they understand what a blessing life's basic necessities are. They get it.

It is heartbreaking to think there are so many kids in EE and around the world that will never know the simple things in life, like a daddy's hug and toss in the air, mom putting a ponytail in their hair, and the joys of being home where you can just run around in your underwear and be yourself.

Sorry for the tangent, I should be sleeping but instead I have been reading adoption blogs. ;)

Milena said...

I recently found your blog through a comment elsewhere, and I just got caught by it! It's incredible, going from no kids to four, and all six family members adjusting so easily. Your children just blossom! Wonderful!
I hope all your children will enjoy school and make many new friends!

Kevin and Krista said...

Thanks, Milena! :)

Tonya said...

Very cute!:) They are just so darling - and growing so much!

E-mail me and I'll send you an invitation to our private blog. I have a few pics of the baby up there, although I'm having trouble with the dadgum computer again and can't load pictures right now. grr.