Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To Blog, or Not To Blog...

I can't decide. I am weighing the pros and cons of blogging and I can't seem to come to a conclusion. Hmmm..... I either need to keep up with it or drop it all together. In the meantime, have you seen my cute kids lately? ;)

A hodge podge of pictures I would have posted if I was blogging in the last couple months.

Tate celebrated his 6th birthday and got the guitar he has been wanting for so long. He is a natural musician, or at least he has a passion for it.

July 4th

The kids loved their first 4th of July and they celebrated like true Americans. :)

We celebrated the year anniversary of the kids homecoming. They wanted to sleep on our bedroom floor like they did the first week or two that they were here. How cute is that? We had American food for dinner (cheeseburgers and tater tots, etc.) and talked about all the new things they have done in the last year. It is so funny to hear their versions of the stories now and what their thoughts were from before they could tell us.

The girls started back up to dance (they took only occasional summer classes) and the boys started soccer.

We got ready for school to start. This is a picture from back to school shopping on the day they met their teachers.

We hung out around the house and I really got to spend time a lot more time with the kids than I had before. We all loved that!

I met up with my adoption blog mom friend Julie and her (even cuter in person, if that is possible) 3 kids from Hinshaw Happenings. We bonded over dinner at a local burger joint while the kids ate and giggled. So fun to talk to other people who understand what the past year of our lives have been like. Hope to see you guys again someday!

We had friends from California come for a week. The kids had a blast and us adults did too!

There was also lots of swimming (we taught all 4 kids to swim this summer) and plenty of trips to the lake. Kevin's parents' house they built about 40 minutes away is now about finished. I see lots of fun times and good memories with the family at the lake in our future. :)

We crashed our 5 year old iMac last week. That was the bad news of the summer. We still have the laptop and most all our pictures were backed up here, there, or somewhere so that is a good thing.

And then the inevitable happened...


Brown Eyes said...

You got a bigger better Mac? :)

Kevin and Krista said...

Wouldn't that be nice? No, we bought a MacBook to take to Ukraine with us. So thankfully we are not computerless or Macless. :)

Brooke said...

To blog! I know I love reading it and have sent many potential adoptive parents to your blog to read your adventure in the beginning. And I know folks at FRUA use it as a real inspiration. Plus, who can resist those sweet smiles?

Michelle said...

I have to blog for my family... they'd die if I didn't, and I'm not a phone talker so it really is good for everybody... plus it's like downtime for me (if that makes ANY sense)

your kids are just truly gorgeous, inside & out... that one of her and the dog should be in a magazine or something!

Amy said...

So glad to read another post.
LOVE seeing and hearing about those gorgeous kids of yours.
BTW, your header photo is out of this world beautiful.
I understand your dilema about blogging. I have been there. Four kids is so draining. I hear ya. I have stopped scrapbooking, so blogging is my only journal.
Have a great school year!!
(loved your story about the lip gloss by the way!!! lol)

The McEacherns said...

I vote that you should keep blogging! Even if it is infrequent, I love to see families growing together. You blog has been inspiring and encouraging, and your children are insanely beautiful. Keep it up! Blessings!

MamaPoRuski said...

It was a great update! I love the fact they wanted to sleep on your floor! I think our kids would sleep in our room every night too if we'd let them!Love the photos!

auntie maya said...

BLOG BLOG least until i can convince uncle that your state is the place to be:) i love the pics of the boys in their pj's - julian so looks like kevin's son-i love them all!!

Lainie said...

Krista I love reading your blog. It is a great inspiration to adoptive parents. I know it was to me. The kids are getting so big they are truly beautiful children. All the best to them this school year!!!

Kevin and Krista said...

Okay, I will try my best. :) Thanks for all the comments. I'm feeling the love.

Michelle, most of our family is across the country so they like to check in that way too. I love that picture of Sophie. She was just laying in the yard with Keaton and I happened to catch some shots she while she posted and played.

Brooke, one of the reasons I blogged in the first place was because I learned so much about adoption from other blogs I felt it was my turn now. Thank you for your sweet words. I love when potential adoptive families are able to connect with other adoptive families and get support that way. :)

Amy, I have no idea where you find the time to keep up your blog on a near daily basis. Always such fun pictures and silly stories about the realities of being a mama. I love that! If you can do it, so can I.

Thank you everyone. I am going to try to keep it updated again and see if I can manage better this time around.

DoveFamily said...

Don't stop! We don't mind if you're not blogging frequently (I know I've been terrible about it lately!), just update us every now and again :) I know when we were playing the waiting game, I loved seeing families that were home with their kids. It was encouraging to see the kids growing, adjusting, and becoming comfortable within their families. So I use that as my motivation to keep going.

Sara said...

Please, keep bloging!
Love read your blog :)