Thursday, September 17, 2009

The First, First Day of School

At the kids' school they start kindergarteners in a staggered schedule so while the other three had their first day on Tuesday August 25, Tate didn't start until that Friday.

If they look half asleep that is because they are! This picture was taken at about 6:45. I threw caution into the wind and let them choose their own first day outfits. I am a Type A so it took everything in me not to pick for them. Sophie has a hard time making choices though so it is something I am trying to give her experience in. I cant figure out if it is because she had no choices the first 8 years of her life or if it is because she is a pleaser and is always afraid of choosing the wrong one. :( Anyway, this is what they chose. Pretty cute! Tate was there too, but I chose this picture because they look the most awake in it. ;)

Walking to school. Kevin and his parents joined us for our first day walk. Most kids where we live ride the bus. Coming from southern California this concept is foreign to me. The bus picks them up so early! So we leave our house at 7 (school starts at 7:30) and walk. It only takes us about 15 minutes and the dog and I get our walking out of the way too. I pick them up in the car. All the neighbors think I'm crazy to not use the bus system, but I enjoy the time with the kids.

We're there! I always try to block out things like the school name, our address, etc. in pictures for privacy reasons. The school does have a name. ;)

Lily's teacher loved her apple! She is a really sweet teacher and Lily adores her.

Home again and ready for homework. The first week of homework was mostly for me, filling out 10 forms time 4 kids. I mean really, how many times does the school need to know our phone number and who to call in an emergency? And why can't I save paper and do it once for the four kids, or just verify that the information has not changed since last year?

Anyway, the kids had a great first day. I got them their favorite Smencils (Smelly Pencils), animal pencil toppers that are really popular, and these little Japanese erasers that look like food to celebrate. New school supplies are part of the back to school fun!


Brooke said...

Im glad the first day went so well! Their outfits are adorable (as always, where do you shop?!)
I think it is so cute that they brought their teachers an apple on the first day of school. I used to teach K,1,2 and would have just melted if a student did that!

DoveFamily said...

Looks like a great first day!

Christine said...

Krista, I can see how you are totally digging this Mom thing! Good for you! Your kids are beautiful!

Drew, Michelle, Luke and Sage said...

I saw the huge basket of banana's behind the they eat them up or what? I had heard this about the Ukrainian kids but man, Sage can eat her weight in fruit!

They look like their first day was a success!

Kevin and Krista said...

It was a great first day!

Michelle, they love their bananas. Plus they are an easy breakfast with a cup of milk if we are in a hurry. Half a banana pairs with lots of things for a great snack, etc. They love all fruit, but there is something about those bananas...

Christine, it is great isn't it?

Brooke, I shop everywhere. Target, Gap Kids, we have lots of great outlets (Gymboree, Gap Kids, etc.), Old Navy, consignment sales, anywhere. :)

Lainie said...

The kids look like they are looking forward to getting back to school. They look beautiful as always. I'm with ya on the form filling out....all the forms X4 takes a long time!!!!