Thursday, September 3, 2009

Road Trip!

Our good friends the B's came to visit us for 8 days in the middle of August. It was so good to see them and have our kids play. Good stuff. We wore a path between our house and the pool, ate at the local hot spots, drank lots of sweet tea, had way too much Bruster's Homemade Ice Cream, and had a lake day too. But toward the end of the trip it was supposed to rain for a couple days. We decided that 6 kids in the house for a couple days wouldn't be much fun and Kevin had taken a couple days off of work so we decided to head somewhere fun for a night. We looked at Myrtle Beach but it was, of course, going to rain there too. We settled on Downtown Atlanta. All the things we wanted to try there were indoors so rain wouldn't matter. We booked a hotel and left the next morning.

And we're off!

One of our favorite landmarks is this giant peach water tower in South Carolina because we think it looks like a hiney. Yep, we are mature. Makes the kids laugh for miles.

Kevin had his first Del Taco since we moved 5 years ago. Yuck! I had to make a pit stop about 20 minutes later. Made me sick and glad we moved far away from Del Taco, which I never liked anyway.

Then we split into a boy car and a girl car. Girls went to the American Girl Store and the boys went to World of Coca-Cola.

3 girls and their dolls.

So cute! We didn't eat at the Bistro, but we checked it out. :)

Each girl got to pick an outfit for their doll and a t-shirt for themselves. It was a tough choice!

We took this picture the next day since the boys didn't take any on their special trip to World of Coke. Julian and Tate loved drinking soda from the bottle!

We ended up going to Hard Rock for dinner, which was fun.

Tate in music heaven!

G trying to look like one waiter who was wearing really dark sunglasses in the already dark restaurant.

Night swim at the hotel pool on the roof and then off to bed!

A great buffet breakfast was included in our hotel package. We were at the Hilton and purchased the "Aquarium Package." It was a great deal and we had adjoining rooms so that was fun!

Then we were off to the Georgia Aquarium. We spent a few hours checking out all the sea life. So neat. It is a really nice aquarium and we all loved it.

How cute are these buddies?

Then Corner Bakery for lunch!

Back up the hill to the hotel and we drove back home.

A quick, but fun filled trip!


Kevin and Pam said...

Funny you would say that about the peach! My son of course said that everytime we passed it too. The other landmark you also have to love is exit 100 when you have to redirect the kids eyes to the opposite side of the highway! :)

Kevin and Krista said...

I see that one, but my kids don't get stuff like that yet, thank God.

I had to divert their eyes on a street near our house recently because of a deer that was laying in the road for three days! (My oldest is very sensitive about animals.) I told them someone was building a treehouse in this huge tree across the street. (There are a couple nailed on boards like someone started to make steps.) So every time we were going to drive that way I told them to look up in the tree and see if they had started the house yet. Now Tate still looks every time we drive by and this was weeks ago! The funny part is that the boards have been there for years!

DoveFamily said...

Looks like you guys had fun! William has one of those 'futbol' uniforms like your boys, but his has the colors reversed (primarily blue). We bought it from one of the street vendors outside the SDA.

If you ever venture back to the ATL (and are entertaining guests), let us know - we'd love to meet you!!

Brooke said...

Y'all do the most fun things! And I of course had to laugh at the heiney peach :)

findingourdaughter said...

Love seeing your adorable kids! I hope you will keep is such a breath of fresh air about adoption and how well your kiddos are doing!
God Bless!

Jewel said...

Yay!! Loved seeing the new pics of the darling kiddos!! A blogging break is fine, but to quit completely?? NEVER!! We love watching the kids grow and keep up on how things are going... Keep blogging for our sake, my friend!! :) Haha!!

Drew, Michelle, Luke and Sage said...

You have two blogging buddies here in the peach state! How long was the drive for you all? It would be amazing to get three adoptive families together!

And I have to admit...we LOVE Del Taco. Where is it? Since moving from the west we haven't seen it or Jack in the Box!!

The kids look so amazing!

Kevin and Krista said...

Hey Michelle!

I've been reading your blog lately. Good job with all the updates. Sage is so cute and reminds me of Sophie in so many ways! It would be so cool if they could meet. :) (And us too, of course!)

The drive to Atlanta was probably 3 1/2 or 4 hours. We stopped more than we would have normally because we had friends with us with a 2 year old and 6 kids total. We stopped to eat so that took longer too.

There is a Del Taco somewhere in Atlanta, but the one we stopped at was in South Carolina. You will have to Google. I forgot where it was that you moved. Are you actually near or in Atlanta or somewhere else in Georgia. That would be fun to get together with the Doves. :) I will let you guys know if we are planning a trip out that way again next year.