Friday, October 16, 2009


The other half of Labor Day weekend we spent camping at the lake. Was it really camping though?

We did pitch a tent.

Keaton was happy as could be.

The kids played in the tent.

No need for the spa, the girls gave themselves mud baths.

Here is the incriminating picture that proves we weren't really roughing it though! We were at Kevin's parent's new place and had real baths and showers, and a kitchen.

Still, we cooked over an open fire.

And we roasted marshmallows for S'mores.

And we ate all our meals outside. (There was no furniture in the house yet anyway!)

The very best part was the sunrise kayak rides in our pajamas! :)

We had promised the kids we would go camping over the summer, but we didn't get around to it. So this is how we fulfilled the promise. It was fun family time. :) Hopefully once it warms up again we will really rough it somewhere.

One of these days I may catch up on my blogging and you will actually know what we are up to these days. ;) I uploaded these pictures weeks ago. I need to get myself excited about blogging again.


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

TOO cute! Y'all do such fun things! I knew it couldnt be too "rough" when I saw Sophie in a dress ;) Glad to see a new post from you!
We are hosting a 9 year old from Ukraine- I was showing my 7 yr old nephew some of the pics on your blog and clicked on your youtube video- which led us to your interviews- he has watched Sophie's so many times, trying to learn all of the Russian words from her, so he can say SOMETHING to the girl we will be hosting for the holidays :) Please thank her for us! Also, do you know of anywhere to buy Russian dvd's?

Kevin and Krista said...

Well, Sophie's dress is a bathing suit cover up. That still counts as roughing it, right? ;)

I have no idea where to buy Russian DVDs here. The ones we bought in Ukraine are mostly bootlegged. I have a few some of our friends and relatives gave us. They don't play on our DVD player, but they do play on our laptop.

I wouldn't mind sending them for you to borrow if you want. We have all kinds of stuff... Disney movies, Barbie, Narnia, Harry Potter, Veggie Tales, etc. Send me a comment with your address and I would be happy to mail them to you. The kids rarely watch them any more. :( Don't worry, I won't post your address comment.

Have fun! (You aren't the same person as Brooke, the other lady hosting a 9 year old from Ukraine, are you?)

Drew, Michelle, Luke and Sage said...

That is my kind of camping!!! Hot running water and air conditioning! The kids all look great!!

Kevin and Krista said...

Brooke, I just thought it was a coincidence that two people were hosting 9 year old girls for Christmas and both were reading my blog. :) I was going to try to put you in contact with eachother! Ha, ha. I will send the videos to you. There is a variety there (several movies on each DVD so they would work for different ages and boy or girl.

Remember, they worked on our computer, but not in our player.

maya said...

love how sassy lily looks even when roasting s'mores:)

maybe next time i'm out we can go 'camping'?

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Thank you so much! We found out we will be hosting an 8 year old girl since the 9 year old cant come- so the videos will be perfect (especially on our 3.5 hour journey from the airport)! We will use our laptop. Thanks so much again! :)

Kevin and Krista said...

Auntie, Maya shhhh! Her sass is a secret, remember? ;)