Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Weekend

It has been so hard to blog having Alina e all the time. We come to the internet cafe and I get her situated and then I only have a little time to check emails before we have to go. Getting pictures on the flash drive, getting here, loading them up, and finding time to write is crazy! I just found her a Barbie website where she is able to change doll outfits and stuff so she should be good for a while. ;)

Speaking of Barbie... Alina got a Barbie DVD. You can buy bootlegged DVDs everywhere here (even at the supermarket). They sell them on the side of the road for about 10 grivna (just over $2) each. Each DVD has about 10 movies on it. I have picked up several for the kids since they are in Russian. Alina loves them and I am glad to have a break from Enchanted. Alina knows how to navigate the computer and she likes to watch the same couple scenes over and over. I love the movie too, but I was so sick of watching that gross witch feed Giselle the poison apple! So now we have tons of Disney and Pixar Movies, and pretty much every children's movie that has been out in the last few years. And Mama has a few minutes of quiet a day. :) I love Alina, but hanging out with just an 8 year old who speaks little English talk about kitties all week would drive anyone nuts. Tomorrow morning Kevin and Kostya will arrive on the train. I am so happy to finally have adult, English speaking conversation (without talking on the phone). I know Alina is excited about having Kostya here to have someone who understands her without having to play charades. ;) I know they will both be impressed with how much English Alina understands. I know I am excited to have Kostya to help me explain things to her that I say all the time. (You can't have only yogurt for dinner, you can't tell mama what to do all the time, etc.) If you think about it, please pray that Alina will continue to bond with Kevin. Things were starting to get better before Kev left and now they will likely have to start over again.

The weekend, in pictures:

Alina has been carrying her "Keaton" Webkinz around in this backpack for days now. This is in front of the pizza place the other night while we waited for our pizza and salad.

This is our countdown of the days until Papa and Kostya return.

Alina throwing a coin in the fountain at the park. She first did this a couple weeks ago. She was looking at a fountain and I gave her a coin and she had no idea what to do with it. Luckily Julia explained. She turns around and makes a wish and throws it over her shoulder. (I wonder what she wishes?)

This is Alina in front of the mall the other night. In the basement is a nice, large western style supermarket where we like to shop for specialty foods. Alina likes some things that I am not sure how to make or what they are so it is nice to get them at the deli there. There is this fish salad she loves that they sell there. Anyone who knows me knows I am not going to be making that one once we are home! ;) The top floor of the mall is the Children's World store (clothes and toys) and the arcade we go to often.

We went to a park by the orphanage yesterday that has carnival rides.

ALina was so surprised she could see the Lugansk River from the Ferris Wheel!

I spent the weekend with just Alina since Julia doesn't watch her on the weekends. I saw the little ones late this afternoon. Here are some pictures from last week:

Lily tries for the first time to write her name in English. She can already write her cryllic letters.

Not too bad. :)

Last Saturday after Kevin left, Julia and I took ALina to the skating rink for the first time. She did great and was skating alone by the end. She loved it. We will have to get her some rollerskates once we are home.

Uh... Have I said how much I am looking forward to having Kevin back? Maybe I can blog by myself. As sweet as it is to be called "Mom," Alina says it every 15 seconds as she changes one piece of her virtual Barbie's outfit. She mde me look twice while I typed that sentence! It is hard to fake excitement when the Barbie's flower on her hat changed from purple to pink. ;)

I am very aware of the typos and missing words in this post. For some reason I can't edit the post though. :( Sorry.


Sarah said...

Krista-I can relate to your struggle of finding a second to have to yourself. I was hoping it would get easier as Eleanor got older, but it sounds like that is a far off dream. ;) We are praying for Kevin's safe arrival.

mayatk said...

very fun! when was the last time you got to go to a roller rink?...& what kind of music were they playing:)

Christine said...

Love all the pics. Thanks for sharing. When do you think you guys are coming home?

The Flying Eagle said...

Awesome blog!!!! Your Alina is too cute. And just so you know --- I still hear "Mom" everytime my teenager changes an outfit which seems to be every few minutes too!!!!!! I keep meaning to ask you if your facilitator is the same as ours...Kostya Farkovets???

This is really Monica & David, we decided to remove all our names from our blogs for protection.

Take care and have safe travels home :-)

Adina said...

The countdown, complete with family picture including kitties made me laugh out loud. I think you're right that a family cat is in your future.

I'm so excited. When will you be heading home?

Kelly and Joe Broesamle said...

Krista i love you and yes i understand what you are going thru.. in terms of the looks at this no this.. galatia is in the stage.... YEAH....

I will be praying for you!!!!

have fun.. said...

Hey Krista,
Love the new pictures... Isn't it fun trying to work on the computer with kiddos!! As I was typing just now, Owen came and switched off the power strip!! Haha!! Now I am starting my message all over again... anyways, was just wondering if you hit the 10 day waiting mark yet. I am guessing you should hear something soon. We are just thinking about you and praying for you guys... so excited to see God's goodness in your life!! :)
p.s. does Edik get to hang out with you soon?

adoptedthree said...

What precious pictures! I just love the rollerskating pictures she looks like she is doing roller derby in the seventies with her pigtails! CUTE