Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Happy Anniversary, Kev! Today is our 8th anniversary and although we are as far away as we have ever been it is for a great reason. :)I love you sweet boy!

This is my first attempt at posting pictures from the internet cafe so hopefully I do this right! I won't have time to post and add pictures so it is just pictures today since it has been a while.

Alina loves all cats. All animals really. There are tons of strays around here. She carries a ziplock of kibble in her purse to feed any of them she finds while we are out walking. This kitten lives in Julia's apartment stairwell.

Alina at the internet cafe yesterday. She was watching a Hannah Montana music video. She loves music and so I put her on YouTube while I type on the computer next to her. Today she is watching videos of kitties.

Alina picked this outfit for out for herself at the Children's World store in the mall. She and mama don't really have the same taste but this one was pretty cute so I let her get it. New tennis shoes too! She was so proud of herself in her own clothes. At the orphanage most everything is shared and probably never new.

The little ones watch some of the movies we have made. When they see "Poppy" they start waving and smiling and talking to him. How cute is that?

Igor did a song and dance show yesterday afternoon for Ilona and I. He was using my brush the whole time. I wonder what he was singing.

Sweet Alina. The blanket she is sleeping with was mine when I was little. She loves it. She talks in her sleep and of course it is in Russian.

Alina and her friend Vladik. They were taken out to a cafe to celebrate his birthday last week and asked me to take a picture before they left. Alina is one of the oldest at the orphanage and most of her friends are boys.

Ilona pretends to sleep after she makes a bed with blocks.

Alina on the swings. She loves to walk around and find swings. Most every apartment building has a playground and there are apartment buildings everywhere. "Cochilla" means swings.

Watching "Enchanted" last weekend. She loves it!


Kevin and Tammy said...

You should be very proud parents. They are beautiful children. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!. I know you can't wait for Kevin to return and bring them all home.

Christine said...

How fun. Your kids are just beautiful. Congrats, Mama!

DoveFamily said...

Great pics - glad all is still going well.

So when are you going to share their names?!?!?

Owens Family Blog said...

Happy Anniversary. The pictures are great, they are such cute kids. Love Rob and Andrea

mayatk said...

i already love them!

mayatk said...

p.s. Happy Anniversary(:

Shannon said...

I’m so happy for you guys. I know the kids should be a little uncertain about the changes to come but in the pictures you post they seem so cheerful. I’m so excited for all of you.

Kelly and Joe Broesamle said...

Happy Annv. WOW this is super cool, ok i think the 80's wants their word back.... so how are guys talking with kevin... on ichat or skype?

Sharon said...

Great pictures, how is it being there alone? How old is Vladik? Wish we could pre-identify and friends could be close by. Oh well, God knows already who our little boy will be. Keep up the post.

David & Monica said...

Happy Anniversary to you!!! Thanks for sharing the great pics. Alina looks like she is really settling in. I am so glad considering the negative talk from the one caregiver. :-)