Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blogging in Pictures Again

Another one with a kitten at Julia's.

Alina supposedly naps in the afternoon (all the kids at the orphanage do) but she has yet to nap for me. Instead we do something relaxing after we eat lunch in our apartment. Yesterday we made these butterflies to hang above the bed. There are about twice as many there now. I am not sure what the cape is about. Maybe she was trying to look like a butterfly herself?

This is from last weekend at the arcade. She loves the trampoline. We both love this picture because of her crazy hair!

This is the kind of playground equipment that the U.S. no longer allows since it is "dangerous." It is really fun!

Alina with her Caesar salad and juice last night at Silver. Every night she asks, "Cafe? Andree?" Andree is her favorite server there and he speaks English very well. By the way Kev, Andree says hello. :)

Can you tell how close these two are? They posed this one and a bunch of other really cute ones themselves.

They have lots of fun together.

It is hard to show personality in pictures but these two give you an idea of what a silly little guy he is.

And this one is for dad. I think you have 4 soccer lovers, Kev! Do you like the way his tongue is out, Jordan style?

Okay, more tomorrow.
Love from Lugansk,

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MamaPoRuski said...

Love all the pics, they do capture their personalities well! May God continue to bless your journey!