Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I waited to post the names because we are still breaking them in with the kids. I am calling the kids by both names for the most part. These will be their legal names but we are giving them the choice to be called their given names. The first names were names that fit them, the first middle name has special meaning to us, and the second middle name is their given name. The names are:

Sophia Elizabeth Alina
Julian Marshall Edward
Liliana "Lily" Grace Ilona
Tate Jameson Igor

We call Ilona and Igor "Lily-Ilona" and "Igor-Tate" for now. Lily already answers to just Lily and they know who Tate is. I call Alina, "Alina," "Alinka," "Alinkatushka" (her favorite, I made up by combining a couple nicknames - she corrects me if I call her something else), and Alina-Sophia. If you ask her what her name is she will answer in a thick accent, "Sophia Elizabeth Alina," but when I try to ask her is she wants to be called Sophie or Alina she says, "Yes!" :)

Sophie and Julian aren't names that we had talked about before we came but they just fit them. We had only played with them once when we had to pick them. That part was crazy. Tate and Lily were names we were already planning to use. We had no other boy name that we really loved. A second girl was going to be Eva. Alina was nearly Eva, but it didn't suit her. We will see what sticks once we are home and what they choose once they start school.

7 comments: said...

So glad you shared the names... They are darling!! Love Tate... what a great name!! :) Thinking of you guys everyday... love watching your story unfold... God is so good!!

Adina said...

I'm getting so excited for you. You'll be bringing them home soon!

Brandon said...

I love the names. I think that they are perfect for the kids. Thanks for all the new pictures. They are so cute and funny. Miss you!

Kevin and Tammy said...

They are beautiful names. The time is getting shorter until you can all be together forever.

DoveFamily said...

Beautiful names!

hdemaio said...

woohoo! i told trent today and he asked me to look up how to say "my name is Trent" in Russian on the computer - he's been practicing it and kate's catching on too. trent told me yesterday that he needs to learn more russian "so that i can talk to my friends." :) i love the names too!

The Hinshaws said...

I loved all the pictures from your last post. How fun that you get to have little Sophie with you! :) The names are precious...just like your children. Hang in there. You're in the home stretch!