Monday, July 7, 2008

Good Job, Kev

Nice work, Kev. You shopped and blogged? I am impressed!

Alina has been keeping me too busy to post. She is still staying with me and will be the whole time. There is a teacher at the detsky dom (children's home) that is really negative toward her leaving because she is has taken care of her for years. She doesn't like that she is leaving. She puts negative thoughts into Alina's head about the whole thing and so Julia and the director have helped to keep her away from Alina for the most part. The director says that the teacher has the old soviet mindset and that it is "dangerous" to have Alina there with her visiting. So Julia helps by watching her while I visit the other kids and the rest of the time she is with me.

Things have been going well for the most part but I know Alina is really frustrated with the language barrier. We get by though. We have been doing lots of fun things together and she like to help cook and clean up. We did our laundry in the bath tub today and hung it to dry. I told her about the washing machine and dryer at home and she could not believe it about a machine that dries clothes. Washers are common here, but not dryers. She also just found out about ice when we were at Silver the other neight (thank God for a few English speakers there) and she loves it. She can't believe we have an ice machine at our house!

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Kevin and Tammy said...

Hopefully the 10 days will pass quickly without any incidents. God has put some good people in your path to help you through this time while you are in the country alone. Isn't he awesome. The blog from Kevin was so fun to read. You must be proud.