Saturday, April 24, 2010

Christmas Cookies!

The girls did a Christmas cookie decorating party last year and had a blast so asked to do it again this year. We didn't have enough going on the last week of school before winter break ;) so we decided to do it then! We did it on Friday after school. Sugar cookies to decorate and gingerbread to cut. We had a very sweet time! (A neighbor and I planned a party for the boys too that week. We were too busy keeping those little guys occupied to get pictures though!)


Glittergrits said...

I love following your blog! Your kids are so beautiful and you and Kevin have made such great parents! I love all the fun projects you have planned for the kids for each holiday!

I saw your response to one of my older comments asking about my blog. I have started a new one (I had made the first one private since the adoptions were not finalized). Check us out if you get a chance!

mason's mom said...

Do you use cake frosting on the cookies or do you make frosting with powdered sugar, milk, vanilla?

Kevin and Krista said...

Hi Mason's Mom! I have made my own before, but during this particular busy week I used store bought cake frosting. We colored some of it with food coloring. Not healthy, but lots of fun!

Glittergrits (your name cracks me up!),

Thank you for your sweet note. I will check your blog out soon. :)