Monday, April 26, 2010

Christmas Visitors

The day following the cookie party Uncle Noah (my brother), Aunt Maggie, and the kids only cousin Henry came for a visit. This is their second timing visiting since the kids came home and we were so thrilled they were coming for 5 days! It is so much fun to have family around for the holidays. So my next few posts will be about all the great fun we had leading up to Christmas.

I had asked Maggie before they came to visit if she would teach the kids about some of the Hanukah traditions she grew up with. She treated us all to the most amazing latkes and homemade applesauce and taught the kids the dreidel game. Thanks, Aunt Maggie!

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Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Very cute! Your nephew fits right in with your bunch with the blonde hair! The game looks like it was a hit!