Thursday, October 9, 2008

Caramel Apple Time

When I got my braces off I think a caramel apple was the first thing I ate. Taking the whole family to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory just didn't seem as fun as making them though, so we introduced the kids to caramel apples by dipping some! They had so much fun making them and they gobbled the whole things right up! Anyone who has ever seen an eastern European child eat an apple will tell you what I mean. They literally eat the whole thing!

Peeling the wrappers off the caramels.

Keaton hoping one will drop. He strategically placed himself at the feet of Sophie and Tate even though Julian and Lily were at the little table. That dog is no dummy!

Who says the youngest is never first?

Right as I snapped this picture Julian pretended to eat a bite. I think it is funny that the picture came out just that way.

Lily high-fives Uncle Kevin after she helps him out with his apple. Have I mentioned that my BIL's name is also Kevin? We like to keep it simple around here. My brother is also named Noah Kevin, after my dad's brother who is my Uncle Kevin. What can we say? We like our Kevins. :)

The fruits of their labor. (Oh, the cheesy pun was so intentional.) Sometimes I sit back and listen to the way they giggle and squeal at the life's simple pleasures (the love of a family, running in the rain, a cookie fresh from the oven) and I wonder what they were doing last year at this time and why they have adjusted so easily. I just know when I look into their eyes and see those teethy grins that this was the way that God intended it to be and that is why it comes so naturally to all six of us!


Kevin & Pam said...

I cannot wait to be doing similar things with my kids when they get here! I think we will make apples this weekend with the other two. It looks like fun and tasty too. Hoping they will be here for Christmas cookies this year!

Tonya said...

Very sweet - and the cheesey (albeit true) pun was intended:):):). We need to do caramel apples soon. Our candied apples were a flop so I guess we need to try that one again too. It is such a fallish treat:).

Kathy and Matt said...

I loved the pictures of them as they made the caramel apples. I also had to laugh at your description of how they eat the WHOLE apple. We went to the apple orchard yesterday, so Leeza wanted to eat one of the apples she picked. Usually when they have apples, I end up slicing one into pieces so they can split it, but today, I let her have one she picked. As she neared the end, I realized she had barely left any of the core!! Guess she thought it was good to the last bite!

Your family is a blessing!

Amblin said...

What wonderful memories you all are making!

My children and I are doing caramel apples this week as well. They and I are so looking forward to it!

adoptyaroslav said...

Just read your stork announcement at the top. We will be adopting our son from Stakhanov Ukraine next year. He will be here for another hosting visit this Christmas and New Years!


MamaPoRuski said...

YUM! Nice pics and great update!

Debbie said...

That looks like it was SO much fun. "The fruits of their labor"--hee-hee! :-) Your family is so adorable. I am thrilled to have found your blog and that God has blessed you all so much with each other. I look forward to reading more of your story.