Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Week

Here is a brief overview of some of the highlights of the week. I should be posting a picture of Tate sitting on his bed for touching something he knows he should not touch, me doing laundry, Kevin loading the dishwasher for the 7th time in three days, or the two older ones working on homework. That would give you a real taste of our week. But I will spare you the boring details.

This week had lots of fun points as well.

On Monday afternoon, Tate and Lily napped in the afternoon while Julian and Sophie helped me make blueberry muffins for our small group meeting that night. Our group meets at our house so the kids can play upstairs while the adults meet downstairs. That way if any kids need their parents they can just go downstairs. This was the best way for us since we are still trying to be the ones to meet all their needs for bonding and transition purposes. Either Kevin or I is with the kids upstairs for now.

They all had haircuts (or trims) as well. I picked them up from school one afternoon and we went and bought Julian's mattress for his new bed. Their Babushka Charlotte (Kevin's mom) had given them each a trim or cut when we were first home. I imagine these were their first professional cuts. They all loved this local children's salon!

It had been a hot day. We went and picked up a gift at Learning Express for a birthday party the girls were going to on Saturday and then we headed home. The kids settled down on the couch to relax and watch a movie until Kevin got home. Then the hot, sunny sky turned dark and it was pouring. The kids looked bored with sitting around so we all ran outside to play in the rain instead! Then it was straight to the bath for these soaked monkeys!

Making cookies for the first time. Chocolate chip and heath cookies. Yum! Poor Tate. He had to go nap instead of helping because he is still working on listening to mama. He has been missing out on a lot of fun lately! I think it is working though because yesterday he finally had a day with no major listening issues. :)

This is the girls right before they left to go to their first birthday party in America. They loved it! Little girls, music, cookie decorating, a pinata, designing their own magic wands, cake, and candy! What could be better? I purposefully left them there (it was two doors down) even though I could have stayed. I thought it would be good for them. They would have clung to me otherwise. They knew five girls from our cul-du-sac and two other little girls from Sophie's class at school, including one who is also in one of Sophie's dance classes. It was only an hour and a half so I thought it would be best for them to interact with the little girls together. They did great!

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