Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Looking Back

Not too far back, just wanted to post some pictures from random events that I haven't taken the time to share. :)

The girls going to their first movie:

Sophie had been to the movies in Ukraine, actually. I am not sure if she meant a theater or if she meant that she watched a movie on a big screen at summer camp. This was when they had only been home a couple weeks so her language was not as good. They loved the movie, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. It was the cutest movie! Lily was not amused with the "bad guy" (I don't want to give anything away) and yelled out at him/her in Russian, "No, no, no tibia!" This is something we say all the time now at our house. I think it means something like don't touch, it isn't yours, or something like that.

I got the girls all my favorite movie snacks, popcorn, Skittles (I normally am not huge on Skittles, but Skittles and popcorn are so good together), and Coke Icees. I took a picture during the previews because I didn't want to do it during the movie, but I wanted a picture. Now it makes me laugh because I think the preview was for a scary kids movie that is coming out. The looks on their faces makes me laugh.

These were taken before we left for the girls first dance classes. They create all of these silly poses themselves. Lily was actually telling me she was scared to go to dance class since I would not be in there (I would be outside the door), but she wanted to go anyway. When we got there she skipped into the room before anyone was in there and started dancing. The second week she was scared again, but last week she walked in and had no trouble at all. She loves dance class and dancing, she hates saying goodbye.

Over Labor Day weekend we went to the local carnival. We had a great time. Between the six of us, Kevin's parents and brother, Jeff and Melissa, and our friends Dustin, Heidi, Trent, and Kate I think we ate enough junk food to fill a small swimming pool, but it was sure tasty! We had to cut the fun short when it started puring though. Too bad! We hadn't even made it to dessert yet. These kids will have to wait to eat funnel cakes.

Lily bit into her corndog and her eyes got wide. She yelled, "suprisa!" I guess she was not expecting anything to be inside. :D

Some of the fried goodness. The kids are very good eaters so I do not mind letting them eat junk food every now and then.

Like father, like daughter.

Sophie loves the fresh lemonade as much as her mama does!

This was Tate's first ride on a carousel, and possibly his first ride ever. He actually didn't want to go at all once we got on. Then he wanted to sit on the bench, not a horse. I encouraged him to try a horse. He warmed up by about the first time around and loved it. He tried all kinds of rides after that. :)

Julian, Trent, and Sophie rode the giant slide. I love that one!

How cute are these two dudes walking back to the cars in the hot summer rain?


Kathy and Matt said...

What darling pictures!

Loved seeing the girls at their first movie. Our girls also lived Kit Kittredge. It was really cute!

The family photos from the fair are wonderful. You've got to let them eat the junk food once in awhile! Great expressions from the kids!

Sorry to hear everyone wasn't feeling well over the weekend. No fun! Hope all is well now.

The Monroe 6 said...

Can we come next year?LOL
Looks like ya'll had a blast!
Your kiddos must think they have died and gone to heaven with all the fun activities ya'll have been doing!
Alright, minus the nasty colds. :)
Love reading your blog! Too cute!

Christine said...

Krista your family is just beautfiul. They look like they are doing awesome! I am so happy for you!

adoptedthree said...

The kids are just precious and I love the looks on their faces with all of the firsts! What fun!

Drew Michelle and Luke Paras said...

It looks like they had such a great week and everyone is feeling much better! Tetyana loves to ride on rides and go to the movies. She loves the popcorn the best! Keep having fun!