Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Very early in the morning Tate got up with me and we made the pumpkin pie.

The kids love watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade all morning long.

Lily makes the Jell-O the night before and the topping with me in the morning.

My sweet potatoes watching me make the sweet potatoes!

They spent all their free time that day making the Christmas Lego train to go around the tree. Nothing is wrong with our TV, it just photographs funny.

We were so busy with preparations we were still in our pajamas at lunch time!

Tate set this table all by himself! He made those napkin rings out of toilet paper rolls at kindergarten. How funny is that?

I didn't have the heart to tell him that napkin rings don't usually stand up in the middle of the plate. He was too proud! And besides, they are so cute!

The kids made all the place cards from their handprint turkeys. Love it!

Tate talking to one of his aunties on the phone while he watches the turkey cooking. These kids all adore their aunties and talking on the phone when we can't be together!

Another perfect turkey! Kevin makes one every year.

These two entertain me while I finish up everything else. I love their singing and dancing.

Feeling especially thankful for kids who love each other so much and get along like best friends. Kevin and I are always amazed by their sweetness. They have not got the memo, somehow, that brothers and sister often times argue, but we like it that way so we aren't telling! ;)

You know you are going to have a good day when you have three pies in your kitchen!

About to start the meal with Kevin's wonderful parents.

They all like the turkey legs so we have to play paper, rock, scissors for it!

Cheers and prayers of thanksgiving for so many blessings!

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Michelle said...

Don't ever let your kids know they are supposed to fight!!! That is nearly all mine do!

They look so happy. I just look at them and feel so happy for them. They will have a great life!