Thursday, March 25, 2010


My great blogging catch up is still underway and it looks like we are rounding the corner to Thanksgiving! Okay, that still puts me ridiculously behind, but I need to stay focused and motivated. :)

Here's the story...

Our sweet little Tater Tot had a series of colds this winter that came with a side of ear infection. Poor guy. For this first one I took him up to the doctor we go to. We drive nearly an hour to see a pediatrician because I wanted someone who understood internationally adopted kids to check my kids over, test them for various issues, and understand what our family might be going through. We do love our doctor. He is the dad of 2 biological kids and 2 his family adopted from Russia, so he has been there and done that. He's terrific. I am stalling on finding a local doctor now that they are over all of the tests and shots they needed. He is terrific! But when a child has an ear infection I am thankful to the CVS minute clinic 5 minutes from my house! So easy and perfect for sniffles and sneezes.

My kids are definitely Ukrainians at heart. When they have an ear infection they like something wrapped around their heads at all times. Tate wears a beanie. Sophie had one last year and tied her head up with scarves in typical Ukrainian Babushka fashion. Her detsky dom mamas would have been proud!

Anyway, back to our story. One week night a bunch of our small group was sick so we cancelled and ended up having a family night at home. Tate was upstairs watching a movie on the couch (as is the custom for sick kids in our house). The other three and I decided to bake some cookies. I had found some Peppermint Hershey Kisses that I thought the kids would like and they had a sugar cookie recipe on the bag. The results were.... very sweet! The kids loved them, of course. What's not to love about the taste of sugar, bright colors, and something you made yourself when you are a kid? I think I will stick with chocolate next time. :D

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