Thursday, June 4, 2009

NC Zoo

A couple of weekends ago we went to the NC Zoo in Asheboro. My friend Sarah and her family gave us a gift card to go as a family when we first brought the kids home. When we got rained out in the fall we decided to wait for some nice spring weather. We picked a perfect day! Sunny, but not too hot. We invited some good friends to come along and enjoy the day. We all had a blast!

Checking out the gators.

You don't want to run into this guy on a dark iceberg! That's Tate (5), Sophie (9), Lily (7), Trent (7), Kate (4), and Julian (8).

My coffee lovers made me take this one! :) (And by coffee we are talking frappucinos. ;) )

The zoo is what is called a natural habitat zoo. Animals aren't contained in small spaces like a typical zoo. Many are able to roam around in an environment similar to where they would live in the wild. In this picture there are some rhinos and elephants in the savannah.

The zoo is divided up into two main sections, North America and Africa. To get from one side to the other is a bit of a hike so we bought cold treats to keep our tired feet off of our minds and no one seemed to notice. :)

We had such a great day and we will definitely be back here sometime again. Thanks Sarah, Jeremy, and Lauren!

P.S. My lack of consistent blogging has made me feel overwhelmed. I keep trying to post but I can't decide where to start. I ended up not posting anything because I couldn't make up my mind. So from here on out I will try to just move forward and I may do some back posts if I get the time.

We only have two more days of school left and we can't wait to start all the summer fun!


aunt maya said...

yay for the blog! (i can finally change my desktop at work:))

thenewsestnewsome said...

I'm so excited to see another post from y'all! Sophie and Julian are the same age right now? For how long? Tate is looking great- his face seems so bright and cheery! They all look great, but from Ukraine pics to now, I see such a considerable change in him.

Kevin and Krista said...

Oops! No, Sophie is 9 now. They are all awfully close in age, but not that close. Lily and Julian are exactly 365 days apart though.

Kevin & Pam said...

I just love that zoo. It is my favorite over any other zoo I have been to! I even like it better than the Wild Animal park in San Diego! Be glad you didn't go in the middle of summer like we did. All those hills and walking in the humidity wasn't that enjoyable! Glad to see you are posting again. :)

Jewel said...

Love the new pictures, Krista... The kiddos are all adorable!! Love the ones of Lily and her little best friend... sooo sweet!! Glad you guys are doing well... :)