Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Field Day

The kids had their field days in late April this year. Smart school didn't wait for the end of the year when the kids would be too hot outside to really enjoy the games. Sophie and Julian both had theirs on the same day and Lily's was a week or two after. Tate and I came and watched the events. Kevin and I think it is silly that the school chose more of a team building type theme than a field day with ribbons and actual winners, but I guess that is our competitive natures speaking. We are proud of all three kids for giving their best athletically and for bringing their good attitudes.

Okay, just when you think that you have mastered the loading pictures backward thing that Blogger has you do, you wind up with another jumbled set. Oh, well. You get the idea.

This picture of Julian cheering on his teammates cracks me up.

These are three of the four little girls who speak Russian in Lily's kindergarten class. Who would have thought? That's Lily, Yana, and Elona. (Missing is Annie.) I would have definitely thought when we changed her name that she would have another Lily in her class before she would have another Elona!

This is Lily with her best friend, Yana. She and Lily co-won the award for "sweetest" girl in the class. How fun is that?

You can tell they just love each other!

Don't they even look a bit alike?


The McEacherns said...

Seriously, you found some of the cutest children ever!

aunt maya said...

i love the pic of lily with her foot in the pool...was that the grapes? anyway, i think it's cute the way that they are kind of all holding on to one another for support:) cute pics of everyone! it's fun to put a face w/ a name of lily's little russian speaking friends!!