Friday, June 12, 2009

Last Day of School

June 10 was the last day of the school year....

I packed 3 lunches for the last time. (I really don't enjoy packing lunches and don't miss getting out of bed in the dark so far this summer.)

I made a quick but fun special last day of school breakfast.

Woke these poor kids up for the last time for a while. As you can see Lily feels the same way about getting up that early as I do.

Took this picture as we got ready to walk to school and wondered....

has it really been 180 school days since this was taken? Look at those tiny kids from the first day of school! What a change.

Tate and I walked back home and wondered how we should spend our last day together. He made my bed for me while I worked on laundry. He laid down on Kevin's side and told me he looked like Papa. (This is how Kevin lays to watch TV.)

We decided to go to the mall.

Kevin met us there for lunch.

Tate and his Pop checking out the boats they were showing that day.

"This one has a tiny kitchen!"

There was even a fire truck.

Then we rushed home to make some treats for the after school party. These were a cute idea I had borrowed from something another mom in Julian's class had made. Can't say that junk food tasted any good, but they were sure cute!

We drove over and picked up the kids from school. They wanted last minute pictures with their teachers and hugs for the friends. We still beat the bus home though so the kids ran up the street to celebrate with their friends.

We celebrated for a bit with friends.

The girls celebrated like girls do...

and the dudes did their thing.

Everyone was so happy, if a bit hot!

Back home for a little last day of school present.

Summer clothes for their Build-A-Bears! (They had been wanting a change of clothes for them.) Sophie got pajamas for hers since she was going to her first real slumber party that night.

Unfortunately we had to make a pit stop at the dentist for Sophie to get her space maintainer put in.

Can you tell we spend a lot of time here? These two are watching a movie in the next chair over.

Then as quickly as we could get her home and packed up Sophie was off to the house next door for a slumber party.

The rest of us continued the last day of school festivities with dinner out and some Brewster's Homemade Ice Cream later on. What a day!


maya said...

i can't believe what a difference a school year makes! I remember the girls picking out their outfits for the first day of school & now here we are, ready for summer...summer vacation:)

Dora said...

Wow, the time has gone by so fast. You do such lovely 'mom' things with your kids, you make me feel lazy! Hope you all have a great summer, we're freezing down here in New Zealand and could use some spare heat! Love, Katy (CaitE)