Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Over the weekend we went to the park a couple times to enjoy the nice spring weather. That's when I decided that Lily runs like Phoebe from 'Friends.' :D

Live it up, Lily Grace!


DoveFamily said...

As Rachel soon discovered, it's so much more fun to run that way! Cute pics :)


aunt maya said...

i'm prettymuch dying right now! that is hilarious - i love lilypie

Our Story said...

I love your blog and your beautiful family! Now, if Lily starts playing the guitar and singing "Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat" you should be worried! LOL!


The Monroe 6 said...

Is that for real???
That is sooo cute!!!
I loved that episode of Friends!

Kevin and Krista said...

She doesn't always run that way, but it is certainly not a rare sight. I am hoping she outgrows it at some point. ;)