Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crazy Week

It has been one busy week around here. We had two birthdays on Monday, it ended up being a snow day, Lily ended up sledding right into a tree (which was beyond scary, but she ended up being fine), Sophie had a big family tree project due, my in laws are arriving tomorrow, we are throwing a tea party for Sophie and Lily's birthdays on Saturday and so far not one of the 30 girls we invited has said they could not come (we may have quite the full house), we are dedicating the kids at church on Sunday, and we are celebrating Julian's birthday on Sunday afternoon. Yikes! No wonder I haven't blogged, right?

Here is a list for myself of things I want to blog once things settle down a little bit:

Finish up my Disney World video and post that
Snow Day #2
Valentine's Day
Sophie's Birthday
Julian's Birthday
Lily's Birthday
Snow Day #3

I would love to post a few everyday things as well, but we will see. And I am still taking my daily pictures for the picture blog, I just haven't updated it in way too long.

Amy, will you leave me your email address? I hate not being able to comment on your blog. :(

And one picture for the post. Our friend Denise brought her new puppy over for the kids to see. She is a cute baby!


Conrad Family said...

Hi Krista,
Our blog is - I am pitiful at updating it ... mostly b/c our friends and family are on facebook these days ... so I tend to put pictures on there ... but you'll at least see some pictures of our precious girls!
Have fun celebrating everyone's birthdays!!
Mary :o)

findingourdaughter said...

Wow, you guys ARE busy, but I know you wouldn't have it any other way, right! I know I have commented this before, but what a beautiful, wonderful family you all are! I just LOVE coming here to your blog and seeing your kids and how well they are doing, esp. while we continue to wait for our referral.
I also miss being able to comment on Amy's blog.....Amy if you are reading.....ME TOO!
Hope the weekend plans go smoothly! Happy Birthday Lily, Sophie and Julian!
God bless,
Angie in FL

Kerry said...

hi krista! i just noticed an organization called celebrating adoption ( that does a free photo session with new adoptive families... just wanted to pass that along. hope you're all having a good week! kerry :)

The Monroe 6 said...

Ya'll are sooooo awesome!
I have missed ya'll too!!!
(That Russian dude just really freaked me out.)
Thanks fo being my bloggy friends! :)

The Monroe 6 said...

If ya'll were talking about a different Amy...please disreguard my previous post.

findingourdaughter said...

LOL.....Amy M., yes, we are talking about YOU!! I do have another close bloggy/adoption friend (we are with the same agency for Russia) named Amy, but she is Amy R. and she is in Russia right now getting her little one!