Monday, March 16, 2009

Bathtub Interview

I was in Tate's room when I overheard this coming from the boys' tub:

Julian: "What's your name?"
Tate: "Tate"
Julian: "So you're from North Carolina and the detsky dom?"
Tate: "Yep."
Julian: "So dude, you speak English and Russian?"
Tate: "Yep."

Also, to the few people who have commented lately wanting me to email them regarding adoption questions, I plan to email you later this week. I try not to publish comments with email addresses in them.

Maya, I'm not publishing your last comment because I have tried to keep our last name off the blog, though I know it has slipped in a few times.


The McEacherns said...

That's just cute! I read my husband the post about the little song that Tate made up, and even my husband thought it was adorable. Now we occasioanlly say to each other, "We so happy. Yay!" Seriously, your kids are precious!

Brooke said...

"Dude".... yep, he's American :)
They are too cute!

Tami said...

So cute, Dude!