Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school for Sophie, Julian, and Lily. They were both excited and a little bit nervous. They all did great though! Lily has stayed up late at night many times worried about school and dance class. She conquered dance class last week and school yesterday! Go Lily!

Don't even ask about the second day. Pouring rain and tornado warnings made for a terrible afternoon and a very delayed pickup after school. Poor things had absolutely no clue why the sirens were going off or why they were all crammed in the hall in a funny position. Couple that with the boys doctor appointment today and the girls tomorrow and we are not feeling our usually calm and happy selves. The craziest part was that it took me a really long time to realize why I was sitting in the parking lot for so long. I had Tate with me (and Keaton too), which was really not a safe place to be. Live and learn. Lily came right out from dismissal and declared herself "all done with schoolah." As in forever. :) Poor little thing. She cried when I dropped her off today, although she was fine one minute later when I walked by the door on my way from Sophie to Julian's class. Either that or she was afraid to cry in front of her teacher and class. That wouldn't surprise me. Anyway, she isn't going back until next Tuesday (only 2 days of school the first week for K students and Monday is a holiday) so she has a week to be "all done" with school.

Fun sandwiches for the first day.

I did everything I could the night before because I am not a morning person and getting 4 kids and myself fed and dressed and out the door by 7 is not my idea of morning fun.

Having breakfast. I let Tate sleep a few more minutes.

The three kids, dressed and ready to go:

This was supposed to be the kids sitting sweetly on the stairs, but Keaton thinks he is one of them and as soon as the dog plopped down with them I just went with it.

Front and back sides. They love their backpacks and lunchboxes!

We may be the only family that still brings an apple to the teacher. :)

I guess they were practicing presentation.

Which led Keaton to think the apples were for him.

Had to show this one since it matches her first day of kindergarten dress.

We are on our way! Doesn't it look early? It felt early!

Getting out of the car. Kevin went in to work late (yes, he usually starts very early) so that he could take the kids to their first day. He is such a wonderful papa!

With their teachers. :)

Lily made me take a picture again this morning. Silly girl. I know I take tons of pictures, but I don't plan to take one every morning for the 180 days of school!

The kids are all excited. Our good friends Jeff and Melissa are arriving tomorrow morning from California to spend the week with us and meet the kids! The kids already "know" them from iChat, but they can't wait to see their Uncle Jeff and Aunt Melissa in person. Now if would just stop raining. We have plans to go to our town's carnival on Friday night, we rented a pontoon boat on Saturday, we want to go to the lake again on Sunday, and we are having a pool party with friends on Monday! I usually love the rain, but it kind of lost it's charm at about inch 6 today. Driving an hour each way in blinding rain to the international adoption doctor was no fun and I imagine I won't enjoy it tomorrow or Friday either. And why didn't anyone warn me how terribly heartbreaking taking kids for shots can be? :(


Dora said...

Aw, sorry to hear about the shots! It must get worse when they're older and can tell what's coming.

Such beautiful first day of school photos! You must have to be so organised to get out of the house at that hour! I hope they're having fun.
Love, Katy (CaitE)

DoveFamily said...

The kids look great, and I'm glad their first day was good! William starts kindergarten on Tuesday & is very excited. He has a boy in his class that was just adopted from Russia a few months ago, and he says he's going to teach him English... that should be interesting :)

Happy that you guys are doing so well!!

findingourdaughter said...

I love your blog! I don't remember how I found it (maybe from FRUA?), but it is such an inspiration for older child adoption. I am in awe that you went from 0 to 4 kids all at once! Yeah for you!! We are waiting for a referral from Russia, but are now considering also adopting an older toddler girl in addition to the baby girl we had planned to bring home. And we have 2 bio boys at home, so we would go from 2 to 4 all at once....and we are scared to death!! Were any of your 4 bio siblings?
They look so incredibly happy as do you and your husband. What a beautiful, wonderful big family!
Angie in FL

Maya said...

You are so good at taking pics that I never feel like I miss a thing! Tell the kids I am so proud of them for facing all these new things happily:) Auntie Maya & Uncle Kevin love them so much!!!

Hi to Aunt Melissa & Uncle Jeff:)

kelly broesamle said...

cause i dont stay in there when that happens, joe does the shot thing...

miss you guys

ps i am taking joe camping this weekend at tahoe..

see ya


Owens Family Blog said...


Great pictures, the kids are going to do great in school when they have parents like you and Kevin. Yesterday was crazy, I had 70 students when that was happening. thanks for opening your home for small group. Have a great time with your friends. remember we are always praying for you

beagist said...

Those are great pictures! They look so excited about their first day of school!

Shots are the worst-Melody and Aubrey have to get theirs next week:( It doesn't get any easier-I almost cry every time!

Tonya said...

I love seeing all your pictures. It's nice to know I'm not the only mom who overdoes it with the camera. My excuse is that they grow up really fast and the grandparents, you know, they like seeing those on the blog:):):).

Tonya said...

OH! Just in case you are interested. My doc said that Ukraine does a great job with shots. I don't know how long your kiddo's were in the orphanage, but he didn't want to re-immunize Lyra (who was in from birth) even though we didn't have shot records. You could ask, unless the school needs the forms (which they probably do, come to think of it).

Courtney said...

We had the opposite experience, Tonya. Our boys shot records were a mess. According to the records, they received 5 shots for a series in which they should have received 4, and so on. Our doctor started them over completely, so their first dr's visit had 7 shots each!

Julie said...

I LOVE this post! I wish we didn't live so far away, cuz I think I'd just show up and hang out with ya'll! It looks like the kids are just having a ball. You can tell they feel so happy and loved. :)
I should have warned you about the shots - they are the worst form of torture for these poor little ex-orphans! Halle Grace had to get a follow-up shot recently, and it wasn't near as bad because I could expain to her what was going on (don't get me wrong, there were still tears, but no terrifying screaming).
I was just about in tears myself thinking about your kiddos stuck at school during the sirens. They must have been scared to death. I continue to be amazed at what our kids can endure and how strong they are - they are such survivors. Lily will go great on Tuesday because we will all pray for her sweet little self!
Happy long weekend - hope you stay dry and sunny.

Kathy and Matt said...

I can imagine how confusing it was for them to have the tornado warning, buses late, etc. Poor things!

They looked adorable for their first day! Don't you love the fact that their backpacks are nearly as big as they are???

Hope all continues to go well!

Terry and Tara said...

You are SO great with all the pictures!!! Glad to hear all is good with the kids going to school. Emma starts grade 1 tomorrow. I'm a little nervous. Every time I tell her she's going to school, she says "nyet, mama!" And also, I'm like you...not a morning person! Luckily I only have 1 to get ready, BUT she's never very focused in the morning. We've never had to be anywhere so early! Now that she's off to school, I might finally have some time to update our blog. God bless!