Monday, August 18, 2008

Can't Live in the Past Forever

So here is what we did this weekend:

We didn't end up going to the zoo yesterday. We woke up to rain, even though there had just been a 20% chance. We had a lightening storm early in the morning so we decided to save the zoo for another day. The kids had no idea we were going anyway, so no harm done. Instead Kevin went and got donuts and we had a slow morning around the house. We haven't ventured to church yet. Not sure when we will since Lily is having major separation anxiety and she is already going to have to deal with school in a week. (Wow! School starts in exactly 1 week!)

The kids on Saturday.

This one of Sophia turned out really cute. She asked for braids every day this week when I did her hair.

The dudes were going to see the Star Wars movie (I took the girls to the American Girl movie last weekend) so we grabbed this picture of them before they left. I knew Kevin wouldn't take the camera with him like I did.

So us girls headed off to the mall for some lunch, Build-A-Bear, and a little school shopping. Then we ran by Target to try to finish off our school supply lists. I still have a couple things to grab somewhere this week. Here are the Build-A-Bear pictures. I was talking to my best friend on the phone on our way there. I was telling her that I knew Sophie would pick some crazy cat and not a sweet brown bear or floppy eared bunny, boy was I right!

She couldn't decide between the orange kitty or the flashy pink leopard with eye makeup. Guess which one she chose? ;)

Miss Lily Grace chose the only slightly less flashy pink bear with white hearts on it.

They loved making them. Lily cracked up the whole time she gave the bear a bath. (That is blew it with air from the "faucet.")

Then they picked out clothes. Sophie chose this wedding dress outfit for her kitty and Lily chose a jean skirt, sparkly pink tank top, pink shoes, and a matching purse for her bear. In typical Lily fashion she could not stop rocking out to the music long enough for a picture.

Have I mentioned it took every bone in my control freak body to let them choose what they wanted? I didn't say a word. They usually have a hard time making choices because they have so little practice at it, so I let them run with it. You could even say I grinned and beared it, but that would be a cheesy pun!


Meet Lily's bear, "Melissa Uncle Jeff."

And Sophie's kitty, "Nastia." Someone has been watching Olmpic gymnastics. ;)

The animals travel home in their take home boxes.

We shop a little and then get my favorite ice cream. This Hershey ice cream store recently opened (or maybe it just relocated) in this mall. Their mint chip is almost like Thrifty ice cream in Southern California. Sophia picked what I was having (as usual). Lily picked this flavor (I think it was cotton candy) just because it was pink. Silly Lily.

You really don't need to pose these kids when the candids come out this cute. Such sweet sisters.

Yesterday since we skipped the zoo we got things done around here. Kevin and Tate built Tate's dresser. I took the older three shopping at Concord Mills to exchange some shoes I bought for Julian that didn't fit right. We shopped a little bit and then headed to Dave and Buster's for a late lunch and some games. Of course I forgot the camera. I remembered it about half way there, but we were too far from home. You will just have to picture the fun in your head.

Tonight we are having our small group over for dinner so I have to go clean up around here. I have already put my four helpers to work making beds and emptying trash cans. :)


amyliz65 said...

Thanks again for sharing all this with everyone. I look forward to looking every few days for an update. Good luck with school starting! I am sure it will bring new challenges. I will be praying for the kids. Hang in there with the girls and there style. I remember when Caitlyn was Sophia's age she would only wear pink. Pink shirt, skirt or shorts or dress, socks, shoes and or course bow! I won't even metion the teen years. Fun memories. God Bless you all, Amy (california)

Melissa said...

Everyone looks so happy in these pictures. It's been so amazing to see the growth of all four already. Mama & Pop you're doing a fabulous job!

Shawna Rae said...

Pig tails are sooooooo cute. They look great with the bows! Paris loves her pig tails...and we do "flippies" with her pigtails. I did them at my dad's party on the blog, but her bow covers them. I'll email you to tell you how to do them...think Princess Lea (Star Wars) with the Pig Tails.

Terry and Tara said...

Krista and Kevin...Your blog is fantastic!! It's great to read about someone going through the same thing we are (except you're going through it 4 times as much!) Krista, I can totally relate to the control freak thing, I think that's been my biggest battle. Miss Emma is very independant and wants to make her own decisions. I'm slowly learning to let go...even when the clothes she picks don't match, even when the bathroom is soaked floor to ceiling when Emma is having fun in the bath, even when toys are strewn around and not everything is in it's place!! It's tough, but I find she is attaching alot better now that I've loosened up!! All the hugs and kisses make up for it. I can't wait to hear more about your school experience. So hard to believe the schools make it difficult! BTW...Emma speaks a mixture of russian and ukrainian. My dad speaks ukrainian and she can have a conversation with him. We have friends at church who speak russian and they can have a conversation with her. Pretty cool! Talk to ya soon!:) Tara

Adina said...

Sigh! They just get more and more beautiful.

I hear you on the control freak thing. Just wait until Christmastime when you all make cookies together. Leaving them alone to cut out cookies the way they want is torture! But they'll love it.

Kathy and Matt said...

Your family has just come together beautifully!

It sounds like you and the girls had a great day at the mall. Loved all the pictures at Build a Bear!
I'm sure the boys & Dad enjoyed their time too.