Friday, January 18, 2008

Vacation Pictures #1 Pre-Cruise

I downloaded all the pictures from my camera onto the computer, but I still have to weed through them.

Two days before we left for Florida was Kevin's 32nd birthday. We went to a basketball game that night and he opened his presents before we left. Happy birthday Kev!

New shoes for the trip! :)

A quick picture at Downtown Disney. We ate lunch at Rainforest Cafe and walked through some of the shops but we didn't have much time before we had to get down to Fort Lauderdale to pick our friends up from the airport. We met up with our good friends Jeff and Melissa who flew in from California and then we were all leaving on the cruise the next day.

The girls, waiting to get on the ship.

And the guys.


Julie said...

Hi! Your blog is great - I was just reading your story. You were so close to being right there with us! We were submitted on Sept. 24th. I wouldn't be suprised if you were traveling by the end of April. That would be great!
Thanks for your comments...I will take your packing advice for sure!

Julie said...

By the way, I also did my student teaching in 5th grade! I went on to teach 5th, 6th, then 7th. Such fun ages! Now I stay home with my boys, but I will go back someday! :)

maya said...

wish i'd been there for kev's birthday & the cruise!! HAPPY B.DAY KEVBO!!