Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ain't No Mountain High Enough...

I have had this song in my head lately so I decided to use it for the title of my post. We have known for about a week that the SDA has changed their minds again and they decided to stop accepting more dossiers after all. Sigh. So if they do keep the list we will still be close to the front of the line. If not we are still the first family that our facilitator will submit when he gets a chance. The SDA will reopen in February. We are guessing that the soonest we will be there is June. You just never know though, do you? So in one week we went from going to Ukraine to in the dead of winter (brrr) to possibly the dead of summer (uck). I have a feeling these old soviet buildings will not be equipped with modern day air conditioners and I have heard the bugs can be bad as well. Oh well, we will be there to get our kids. :)

I was a little sad because our original dossier submission date (tomorrow) is the anniversary of my mom's passing 8 years ago. It would have been so special to have our dossier submitted on that day. It will be special when the time comes though. I know it will be.

Anyway, that is the latest. I am turning 29 on Tuesday and I am hoping that my twenties will be finished on a high note.

We drove up to the mountains today to look at the fall colors. The websites all indicated crisp, clear, fall weather. We got to the top of the mountain (where the viewing bridge and lookout are) and it was cold, misty, and you couldn't even see the bridge, much less the view. We didn't even eat our picnic. It was too cold to sit outside. We got hot snacks inside the lodge and had a great walk in the leaves. We did get great views from lower elevations where it was much clearer and a bit warmer. This is the second year our leaf looking plans have been foiled but we kept talking about going back next year. Third time's a charm? I will post pictures later. Keaton loved it! He literally bounded through the leaves that covered the ground where we walked. We took tons of pictures but we are both terrible at picking the correct setting on the camera and we have lots of blurry ones. We should really work on that. :)

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Mark and Courtney said...

I know it's hard with the SDA suspending dossier submission. We have BTDT several times now, and although I know it's not much consolation, it will eventually get submitted!! Keep tabs on your document expiration dates (I used an excel file) so you can make sure your facilitator has an up-to-date dossier when he's ready to submit. You'll get there!!