Wednesday, November 21, 2007


These are for our friend Jeff. This is the property on a lake that Kevin's parents bought a couple years ago to build on. They should be starting the house and moving here sometime next year. (Perfect timing to move from California to North Carolina to be closer to the kids and coincidentally right when the grandkids will come home. :) ) Well the drought we have had this summer has caused some of the lake to dry up and the property isn't really lake front anymore. They will need quite a bit of rain to get a boat by this dock!

The water used to go up all the way past those plants that have grown there and up to the tree line. The dock is usually floating about a foot or so higher as well. My pictures do not do the fall colors justice, but it did seem like most of the leaves there had already fallen where ours have started to fall just this week. These were taken last weekend.

It was a good chance to clean out the lake bottom near the property though. I think there were about 8 tires in the water right in this one area. Here is Kevin's dad hauling some.

And Kevin standing out in what used to be the lake looking at what used to be a little island. Usually ducks and geese are on the island in the summer. We have seen people camp there as well. Now it is a peninsula. :)

From the "island" looking back to where the shore and house will be.

This is where the water line starts now. The dock belonging to the neighbor is still barely in the water. The water line down here is where I took the pictures that have little raccoon(?) tracks in them. There were lots of shells as well. We had seen tiny ones on the shore of the property before, but the ones out where the water was deeper were bigger than a fist.

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