Sunday, October 21, 2007

What's up this week.

Not much has changed since I last posted. Our dossier submission may not happen a week from tomorrow, but it should be soon after. So that is good.

Yesterday we went out to breakfast with a family that lives in our neighborhood who adopted 3 kids from Ukraine. They had two kids and went to Ukraine in hopes of adopting two more. They came home with three more. :) It was so nice to talk with
them and hear their stories. They were very encouraging and so nice. The kids were darling, all 5 were sweet, well behaved, and really cute. The youngest one reminded me so much of my best friend when she was that age. It will be so neat to continue to get to know this family and to have someone near by who knows what Ukraine adoption and bringing internationally adopted kids home is like.

Today we were supposed to drive up to the mountains to hike, picnic, and look at leaves. When the alarm went off this morning Kevin decided that we should go next weekend instead. We have to be back here before 2 anyway because we made a commitment to be somewhere this afternoon. So the plan is next weekend. Kevin is colorblind and can't see the colors anyway so the fact that this weekend is the peak weekend doesn't phase him. We were a couple weeks late last year and most leaves were dead. I am hoping next weekend won't be too off-peak. I will post some of the "picture of the day" pictures from this month, taken from the place we were supposed to be on the way to now. These are for our family and friends on the west coast. Enjoy!

Hopefully next weekend I can post our own pictures. :)

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