Friday, January 22, 2010

Book Character Day

The kids' school puts on an annual Book Character Day every year for Halloween. Last year I didn't get any decent pictures, so I made sure to snap a couple before we were off to school this year. Now I love book character day as much as the next guy, but I must admit it would be nice if it wasn't coinciding with Halloween itself. The guidelines state that no Halloween or store bought costumes are allowed, and costumes should be put together from items you already have in your home. The books must be chosen by the kids and they have to be a book they have read this school year. We followed the guidelines and here is what we came up with.

Sophie, as Pinkalicious. She even had the idea to make her hair pink!

Julian, as "Diver Dan" from his favorite Lego series easy reader. Easy Peasy!

Lily, as Eloise. She is pretty much the spittin' imagine anyway and wouldn't you know the week before Halloween we got this skirt in a bag of hand-me-downs! Absolutely perfect!

Tate, as an adorable scarecrow. They do Scarecrow Day in kindgergarten. These overalls were also from a hand-me-down bag we got last year. Lily wore them last year on Scarecrow Day and so I just pulled off the girly-girl patches and daisy trim from last year and put on some farm boy ones.


Drew, Michelle, Luke and Sage said...

Super cute! I wish our school did this!!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

They are all so cute, and holy smokes does Lily look JUST like Eloise!!! She could be her stunt double ;)