Thursday, January 7, 2010

3rd Annual Small Group Pumpkin Carving Party

We hosted our 3rd Annual Small Group Pumpkin Carving Party the week of Halloween. We had our usual fare, pumpkin soup, homemade pizza, caramel apples, and all those good seasonal treats.

A couple days beforehand someone suggested wearing a costume if you wanted to. There was no way my kids were going to wear their costumes to eat messy pizza and carve pumpkins in. Besides, I wasn't done with making them yet! But when some of their friends arrived in costume they went upstairs and came down with random dress up pieces on. Hope that explains the Mickey Mouse hat paired with the pirate shirt!

Sam is just precious, scoping out the pumpkins.

Look at this sweet pizza eater!

Andrea brought her parents, who happened to be visiting. They were so excited to catch up with everyone and meet the kids.

Then the carving began. As usual, our kids had wild ideas about what to carve their pumpkins into.

Thankfully we had lots of great helpers!

And how cute are Jennie and Baby Jane? Look at those tiny pigtails!

I'm the family pumpkin drawer. The kids come to me with their idea and I try to sketch it in pencil and not disappoint. :/

The adorable Addison Owens looks up to no good!

Caramel apples!

The kids' big ideas this year.

Tate's train.

Lily's mermaid. (Seriously, ever heard of a Jack-o-Lantern? Where do these ideas come from?)

Sophie's Minnie Mouse.

Julian's sheriff.

A couple others:

Happy trick-or-treating!


Brooke said...

What cute Jack-o-lanterns! Great ideas, and you did great sketching! I really love the sheriff!
Ok, my question- how many dining areas do you have in your house?!?! I swear you must have 100! :) I see a new table in every picture!

Drew, Michelle, Luke and Sage said...

Those are awesome!! I use the patterns from books!

Kevin and Krista said...

Michelle, I normally do too. (The bat I did with the girls is from a pattern.) But they come up with their own wild ideas and have no cares in the world that Halloween is about silly faced pumpkins and not mermaids or trains, but who am I to burst their bubble? ;) I just free hand them, all the while telling them I will do my best but they might turn out and they might not. You can actually see where the train is being held together by toothpicks because it broke. All pumpkins look better when they are lit up though. :)

Brooke, you are too funny. We have a dining room (where the brown table of adults is). We also have the reddish colored table that is in the kitchen area. That small round kid table is actually in here too (kitchen, computer desk area you can probably see in the background of the pictures of our family carving pumpkins on the kitchen island, reddish table, and kid table). We have talked about moving the kid table upstairs in a room we are are trying to turn into a playroom like area for the kids, but so far we have left it down here because we still use it. We bought it before the kids came home and luckily got 4 chairs and not just 2. :) Sophie will be 10 next month though and she has sort of outgrown it. It's nice for when we have little kids over too though.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I just saw your "old school" picture on Kostya's facebook (I swear I'm not stalking you! LOL) and OMG, could Sophie look anymore like you? I seriously do not think its possible. WOW.

Lainie said...

Love all your jack o laterns. It's inspiring for me to see those. Maybe we'll try our hand at them. Thanks for sharing!!!