Monday, March 17, 2008

Nothing to Say

Nothing to report. We are doing well. Probably about 1/2 way through the wait for to hear about our appointment date. Please continue to pray that the SDA sees us fit to come over and adopt a couple of orphans from their country. It is totally out of our hands.

Lately we have just been trying to do some of the things that we won't hopefully will not have time for soon. Today I am cleaning the garage. Fun stuff.

Have a wonderful Easter week! Kevin's parents are arriving on Friday to spend the holiday with us and meet with the architect who is drawing up the plan for their house. Their house in California is for sale. If anyone wants a really nice Spanish style house on about 20 acres in central California wine country, let me know! We will miss "the ranch" but we are looking forward to having them close by at the lake! :)


Chris and Virginia said...

And we also wait. I'm not in a hurry ...yet. We figure when the time is right, we will go. We're actually at peace with this so our wait isn't as bad as some of the other waits that we've been through.

I'll let you know when I hear and please let me know when you hear.

If you like, email me at goldhound @ nvbell dot com.

adoptedthree said...

Its a beautiful property! I want it but no way I can afford it :)

Enjoy your wait, it might seem like forever but it is all in the big plan!

Tami said...

Oooooh! Pretty! If only it was in Kansas...well, and we hadn't spent our life savings on four adoptions! ;)

Christine said...

Hope you hear something soon! OUr dossier should be submitted anytime.

Jason & Melanie said...

Kevin & Krista~ Hello from Ukraine! It was great to hear from you on our blog! I can't tell you how great it was to know that you had prayed for us at the time of our exact SDA appointment! We pray that you will be blessed more than you can think or imagine and that God will remove any hinderance to you getting the child that he has for you! We have added your blog to our favorites and will be following.
Jason & Melanie Hall

Chris and Virginia said...

Hi Krista,
Just remove the spaces and replace the dot with a . and lastly, it's a .net, not a .com, sorry 'bout that.