Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Two and a Half Weeks

In about two and a half weeks our dossier should be turned in to the SDA. That seems like a big step to me so I am starting to get cautiously optimistic about everything. No real news, just the countdown.

Also tomorrow is my sister's birthday and since it is shared with Valentine's Day I thought I would post today to give her a special post since she is one of the few people who I know that read this blog. I won't say how old she is because that isn't very nice but you may be able to figure it out when I post these pictures. I am sure
she is going to kill me for this but what are sisters for? :D Also, one of the benefits of living 2500 miles away from each other. ;) One of the only benefits though. :(

February 14, 19??

19?? (Okay this one may be a little easier to figure out.)

On her wedding day a few years ago.

In my defense, I only have a few old scanned pictures on my computer to choose from.

Also, these are the wonderful gifts headed your way that I mailed earlier this week so that should make all forgiven, right?

Happy 3?th birthday, Sis E. Pants! I love you. What? At least I didn't post the one of you and Ian Ziering. ;)

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mayatk said...

Nice. At least you chose good photos to post. And, like you said, at least you didn't post the one of me & your hero(:

Thanks for the blogger shout out! It made me tear up at work. I love you too.<3