Wednesday, February 6, 2008

No News is Good News

Well this is the time in the adoption process when we sit and wait. (It is one of the many times actually.) There is nothing to blog about adoption wise but I wanted everyone (all four of you who read this blog ;) ) to know that all is well. We did have a really fun Super Bowl Party on Sunday and our friend Joe (who is a chef) made us an awesome spread of food!

This is my first post from our new laptop. The good news about getting the laptop is that we will be able to take it to Ukraine with us so we can update our blog, email, send pictures, etc. And we will be able to watch DVDs and play with it in the downtime. The funny/ironic thing is that our other computer died within a day or two of bringing the laptop home. We have been joking that it took one look at the competition and gave up. Actually it isn't that old. It's an iMac G5 and it is just over 3 years old. So we have to take it in to get fixed because we still plan on using it. The guys came today to install our wireless connection for the new computer and I must say that it is kind of fun to be able to get online from anywhere in the house. I also have to say that I am currently sitting where the old computer is, so I guess it isn't that fun! :D

The family in our neighborhood who adopted three kids from Ukraine two years ago emailed me to say that their is another couple somewhere in the neighborhood who is just starting the process of adopting from Ukraine. I can't wait to meet them! I think we will try to have everyone over for dinner sometime soon to share stories and get to know each other.

That's all for now. I leave you with a picture of Keaton the Wonder Dog, taken with Photo Booth. That is s fun toy, I must say.


Nataliya said...

Oh, how exciting it is to have a family who adopted from Ukraine (or just starting the process) in your neighborhood!

Hope your dossier will be submitted very soon!

Julie said...

Hi Krista! I am heading to Charlotte next Tuesday to visit my friend that lives there. Just a day trip! I'll think of you! :)
Can't wait to hear some good adoption news from you!