Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Baking

The week before Easter we made sugar cookies one day after school. I'm not a fan of messes (especially times 4), but I don't let it stop us from doing fun and memorable family things.

First everyone took a spot around the kitchen island and we passed the bowl. Everyone got to add an ingredient or two.

Keaton helped with clean up.

Then we waited for the dough to chill before we cut the cookies. Since it is not everyday you get to see a stormtrooper in an apron I thought I would share.

After the cookies baked, the real mess, I mean fun, started!

They came out very bright and cheery. Topped with plenty of frosting and sprinkles!

Eating the cookies inside is where I draw the line though. They enjoyed their first tastes on the front porch. :)


Kevin & Pam said...

This made me laugh, especially about the messes. We bake cut-out cookies every year at Christmas. This is the one tradition my kids remember the most! They look so forward to decorating them. I think they eat more sprinkles than they put on the cookies and the floor is covered with the droppings! I will always continue though because it is a happy time together!

Kim Abraham said...

Mmmmmmmm, those cookies look very yummy!

Love the storm trooper too! I've never seen a storm trooper wearing an apron, but I have seen darth sitting on a potty!

The McEacherns said...

A domestically inclined Storm-Trooper! So cute! I love to bake and just this week bought two little aprons for our future children!

kara said...

Love the pics of the kids and the cookies! We do cookies during all the holidays, and other times throughout the year. I always make cookies to match their birthday themes and buy the cutters special. When they grow up they will inherit the cookie cutters from their birthdays to start their own collection. As a child we would get to buy cookie cutters from places we'd visited as we didn't have much money. This is how I'm keeping that tradition going with my kids. We aren't too into the frosting and toppings yet...thankfully! Enjoy!

Kelly Karlen said...

I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed your blog. We adopted one little boy from Ukraine (home 2 weeks now!) and are having the time of our lives. I enjoy reading about your experiences and am looking forward to looking back 8 months from now and seeing how far we have come. Your kids' smiles say it all! God bless your family!!